MBA Brochure

About the Department

The department of MBA was started in the year 2006. The dept. offers specializations in Finance, Marketing and HRM which are relevant for students aspiring to ascend different segments of managerial hierarchy. For the past decade many students have graduated from the department and have established successful careers across India.

The department has two doctorates supported by a well-qualified and experienced faculty team. Regular development activities by inviting industry experts for guest lectures and workshops, industrial visits and professional programs ensure the students have proper grounding in the fundamentals of management. The department provides best in class infrastructural facilities with innovative teaching practices.

The department provides rigorous training programs to find tune the skills of students and make them ready for careers in the industry. With a wide spectrum of placements opportunities in diverse industry segments the department is the best choice for budding managers and entrepreneurs.





Programs Leading to… Duration Intake
Master of Business Administration

MBA in Finance


MBA in Marketing

2 Years 120

Vision & Mission of the Dept


To evolve as a centre of excellence with international standards in the field of Management Education and Research.


Educate and empower students to excel as professional with strong leadership and entrepreneurial skills through innovative and effective teaching methodology & industry collaborations in the field of Management Education and Research.

Program Educational Objectives


  1. To impart the fundamentals of the key elements of a business organization.
  2. To provide a critical perspective on theoretical knowledge and practical approach to various functionalareas of management and decision making.
  3. To develop analytical skills to identify the link between the management practices in the functional areas ofan organization and business environment.
  4. To establish and realize a creative research culture among the student community.
  5. To provide insights into latest technology, business communication, management concepts and to built team work and leadership skills among them.
  6. To inculcate the habit of inquisitiveness and creativeness aimed at self actualization and realization of ethical practices.

Program Outcomes

On completion of this course, the graduate should be able:

  1. To have the knowledge on various concepts of business management and approaches.
  2. To understand and analyze the interconnections between the development of key functional areas ofbusiness organization and the management thought process.
  3. To recognize and adapt to the opportunities available and face the challenges in the national and globalbusiness environments.
  4. To possess analytical skills to carry out research in the field of management.
  5. To acquire team management skills and to become a competent leader who possesses complex andintegrated real world skills.
  6. To be ethically conscious and socially responsible managers, capable of contributing to the development ofthe nation and qualityof life.

Head of the Department


Dr. G. Sabitha
MBA, M. Phil, Ph. D

Dr. G. Sabitha is an experience faculty in finance and quantitative areas. She has a total experience of 14+ years including one year industry. She did her MBA (Finance) from Osmania University, M. Phil from Madurai Kamaraj University and Ph. D. from Osmania University. She has provisionally qualified the UGC-NET and Andhra Pradesh State Eligibility Test (APSET). She is a Board of studies member for 4 various institutions including JNTU (H).

She is a self-motivator. She contributed 24 papers for publication in international & national journals and text books with ISBN & ISSN. She has participated in several workshops, seminars organized by UGC and various academic institutions. She has organized 2 Faculty Development Programs and 2 National Conferences and also edited & published 2 books with ISBN Number.

She has honored with “Distinguished Teacher- Management” Award by MTC Global, She has also bagged “Bharath Vidya shiromani Award” and “Indian Mahila Rattan Gold Medal Award” for her outstanding achievements in the field of Education.

Dr. G. Sabitha has guided 170+ students for projects under PG Level. She is a resource person for soft skills and conduct classes to encourage the students to take part in various activities like Group Discussion, Paper Presentations etc., to enhance the student’s personality beyond the class work. She also supervises the students in preparing reports of Company Analysis, Industry Analysis, Business Best Practices and success Story of Entrepreneurs etc. She also conducts Mock Interviews to her students and also acts as an Interview panel member for engineering students.


Faculty members

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr.G.Sabitha MBA., M.Phil., Ph.D Asso Prof
2 Dr.K.Mamatha MBA.,M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D Asso Prof
3 Mrs.V.Vishnu Vandana MBA, M.Phil., (Ph.D) Asso Prof
4 Ms.M.Prasanthi MBA Asso Prof
5 Mrs.R.Devi MBA Asst Prof
6 Mrs.Ch.Siva Priya MBA Asst Prof
7 Mrs.P.Kalpana MBA Asst Prof
8 Mr.A.Ram Babu MBA Asst Prof
9 Mrs.C.Supriya MBA Asst Prof
10 Mrs.G.Sreevani MBA Asst Prof
11 Mr.Mansoor Pasha MBA Asst Prof
12 Mrs.Seema Nazneen MBA Asst Prof
13 Mr.Y.Srinivasa Rao MBA Asst Prof
14 Mr.C. Mallesha  MBA Asst Prof
15 Mr.A.Srikanth MBA Asst Prof
16 Ms.M.Jyothi MBA Asst Prof
17 Ms.Ch.Srujana MBA Asst Prof
18 Ms.K.Shailaja MBA Asst Prof
19 Mr.R.Ranjith MBA Asst Prof
20 Mr.C.Praveen Kumar MBA Asst Prof


Facilities available at the department:

  • Department Library
  • Standard Journals
  • Access to e-journals
  • The student’s Clubs


Equipped Computer Lab:

Computer lab has 60 systems which are connected through Local Area Network (LAN). The lab provides unlimited access to the internet broadband connectivity and supported by UPS, Generator.

Equipped English Communication Lab:

The lab is equipped with audio visual systems to practice English communication.

Board of Studies

S.No Name Designation Designation in BoS
1 Dr. G. Sabitha Associate Professor and HoD, MBA, Anurag Group of Institutions Chairman
2 Prof. A. Prabhu Kumar Professor, School of Management Studies, JNTU(H), Member (JNTU Nominee)
3 Prof. R. Nageswar Rao Professor, DBM, OU & OSD to VC, Osmania University Member
4 Prof. V. Gangadhar Director General, Badruka College Post Graduate Centre. Member
5 Dr. A. Jagan Mohan Reddy Associate Professor, IPE, Member
6 Dr. U. Balaji CEO, HMRI Member
7 Dr. K. Mamatha Associate Professor, MBA, Anurag Group of Institutions Member
8 Mrs. V. Vishnu Vandana   Associate Professor, MBA, Anurag Group of Institutions Member
9 Ms. M. Prasanthi Associate Professor, MBA, Anurag Group of Institutions Member

Program Assessment Committee


The program assessment committee prepares and submits periodic reports on program activities, progress and status to management and key holders. The committee interacts with students, faculty, program coordinators, class in-charges and external agencies in facilitating program educational objectives and to motivate the faculty and students towards attending workshops, developing projects, working modules, paper publications and research.




1 Dr. G. Sabitha Associate Professor &HoD
2 Ms. M. Prasanthi Associate Professor
3 Mr. Syed Mansoor Pasha Assistant Professor



List R&D projects from various agencies:

Mrs. V. Vishnu Vandana has got UGC Minor Project worth 1,30,000/- for “Critical Attributes of Female Consumer Personality Styles – Implications to Advertiser And Retailers” in the month of November 2014.
List of publications year wise (in IEEE reference format)


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Department Achievements:

Student Achievements:


  • The following students of MBA I Yr (2016-18) Batch have Participated and won in the” National Level management Meet “ABHYAS 2K17 “Organised by Avanthi Group Of Institutions and were honored with cash prize ,Mementos & Certificates on 21 st & 22 nd of April 2017.
  • 1. K.Praveen Kumar (16H61E0034) Won III Prize in Paper Presentation. 2. G. Karthiki (16H61E0024) and M. Avinash (16H61E0044) Won II Prize in Poster Presentation. 3. B.Suvidha (16H61E0010) and S.Pavan Kumar (16H61E0064) Won III Prize Poster Presentation.
  • The following students have won prizes at Guru Nanak Engineering & Technology Management Meet GUNA 2k 17.
  • 1. B.Suvidha (16H61E0010) of MBA I(2016-18) BATCH won I prize in the event YOUNG MANAGER. 2. K.Praveen ((16H61E0034) of MBA I(2016-18) won I prize in the event JAM Session. 3. K.Uday Kumar(16H61E0035) of MBA I(2016-18) won II prize in the event POSTER PRESENTATION.
  • 1. K.Harish 2. L.Sampath 3. K.Praveen 4. K.Akshay Reddy 5. M.Avinash
  • G. Ramesh Sagar, K. Sandeep. O. K. Annapurna and G. Sai Harish got selected for internship at Demo Today a training institute in Hyderabad on Dec 13, 2016.


  • Mr. Srinivas, Ms. Meghana, Ms. Sravanthi, Mr. A. BhavaniChander and Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi (2015-17 batch), Ms. G. Shruthi, Ms. Aradhana and Ms. Sravya (2014-16 batch) participated in Business Quiz at Abhyuday 2015 Inter Collegiate Meet for Students on “Startups: Revolutionizing Brand India” organised by Andhra Mahila Sabha School of Informatics on 3rd December 2015.
  • Mr. Sainath (2015-17 batch) participated in two day leagues, Eenadu Cricket Tournaments during December 2015.
  • Mr. Deepcharan, Mr. Arvind, Mr. Vivvek and Mr. Naveen (2014-16 batch) attended 5 day Rajiv Gandhi National Level Youth Entrepreneurship Development Program at AGI during 7th -11th September 2015.
  • NSS students Mr. Kamal Bhati (2014-16 batch) and Mr. Srinivas (2015-17 batch) represented AGI to promote Khadi on the occasion of Gandhijayanthi organized by “Ethics” on 2nd October 2015.
  • NSS students Mr. B. TarakaPrabhu, Mr. K. Sudhir, Mr. S. Vamshi, and Mr. Uday Kiran (2015-17 batch) represented AGI to perform the election duties for the purpose of “Regulation of the Queue and guiding the voters” as per the requisition of the Government on 2nd October 2015.
  • Mr. P. Srinivas, Mr. Rakesh and Mr. N. Dinesh (2014-16 batch) attended NSS special camp at Korremula Village from19th – 25th February 2016.


  • Few of the MBA students participated in Management Meet- Shodhana 2k15 organised by NallaMalla Reddy College, Ghatkesar on 31st March 2015 and Ms. Heena Begum (2014-16 batch) won III Prize in Young Manager Ms. Ashritha and Heena Begum (2014-16 batch) won II Prize in AD-ZAP Mr. S. Vishnu Kumar and R. Shruthi (2014-16 batch) won II Prize in Business Quiz.
  • Mr. D.Aravind Goud, Mr. K.Saikiran Reddy, Mr. G.Deepcharan Goud, Mr. C.Dinesh, Mr. T.Mahendar and Mr. B.Naresh (2014-16 batch) have participated in Bhavan’s premier league and won first prize at Bhavan’s Vivekananda college ,Sainikpuri ,in MEDHA 2k15 a management fest organized by Department of Management studies on 24 March 2015.


  • Congratulations to Mr. K. Raghuram and Mr. Ch Rajesh (2012-14batch) for getting high score in C-FAT entrance test and being selected for Free project internship at Edu Carporate Bridge.
  • Ms. Tejaswini, Ms. Anusha, Ms. Sai Vishnu Priya, Mr. Raghveer and K. Rajesh (2012-14batch) have got Internship from Signode India Ltd.
  • Ms. M. Divya and Mr. A. Prashanth Reddy (2012-14 batch) won III Prize in Business Quiz in Management Meet (SavyaSaachi)organised by Sphhorthy Engineering College.
  • Mr. B. Sai Baba Goud (2012-14 batch) won II Prize in Finance Event in Management Meet Organized by St. Pious X College on 20th October 2013.
  • Few students participated in Management Meet organised by VJIT on 24th August 2013. Ms. Haritha Rani and Maya Kumari (2012-14) won First Prize in Business Quiz and .N. Rajani won I Prize and Rohith Naidu (2012-14) won II Prize in Memory Game.


  • Mr. Anudeep (2011-13) secured I prize in Paper Presentation at Management meet organized by Bharat INsitution of Engineering and Technology on 27th April, 2012
  • Mr. Anudeep (2011-13)secured II prize in Ad Making in GESTION -2k12 Management Meet organized TKR college of Engineering on 28th April, 2012.
  • Mr. Ganesh and Mr. Mohan Gupta (2011-13) secured I Prize in Business Quiz in OJAS- Management meet conducted by Holy Mary Group of Institutions on 18th July 2012.
  • Few students have participated in Vignan’ s Valens Management Meet held on 13th and 14th July, 2012. Mr. Mohangupta and Mr. Raghuvaran (2010-12) secured I Prize in Business QuizMr. A. Ganesh and Mr. Madhu(2010-12) r secured II prize in Business Quiz, Mr. Ganesh (2010-12) got I prize for Young Manager event.Mr. Raghuvaran & Mr. Madhu(2010-12) secured I prize in Finance event, Mr. Ganesh and Mr. Mohan Gupta (2010-12) got II prize in Finance Event, Mr. Ganesh & Mr. Raghuvaran (2010-12) got I prize in AD- JOB Marketing event, Mr. Anudeep(2010-12) got II prize in Paper Presentation, Mr. Ashish & Mr. Irfan (2010-12) got I prize in Krafty Hands – decorate your Partner.

Faculty Achievements:


  • Dr. G. Sabitha has been appointed as a Board of studies member of School of Management Studies, JNTUH, Hyderabad.
  • Mr. C.Mallesha attended Two-day National Seminar on “Information Technology And Law – Issues, Concerns And Challenges” and presented a Paper on: “Cyber Crime And Cyber Security In Indian Banking Sector” Organised by University College of Law Osmania university Hyderabad in association with ICSSR, 23 & 24th April, 2016.
  • Dr. G. Sabitha, Presented and published a paper on “Role of technology in financial inclusion w.r.t Banking Sector” at2nd International Conference on “Emerging Strategies for Business Advancements”, August 19th-20th 2016, Organised by Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women, Hyderabad.
  • Mr. Syed Mansoor Pasha attended One Week FDP on “Research Methodology and Data Analytical Tools” organized by School of Management Studies, Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad during 5th to 10th December, 2016
  • Dr. G. Sabitha, Published a paper on “Inflation: A Key for Economic Growth in India” in Volume 19, Issue 08, December 2016, International Scientific Journal on Science Engineering & Technology with ISSN:2349-6657 and Impact Factor: 1.873.


  • Mr. A. Rambabu attended “Mentor Development Programme” organized by BharatiyaYuva Shakti Trust during 24th-25th February 2016.
  • Dr. G. Sabitha received “Distinguished Teacher- Management” award from MTC Global, an ISO 9001-2008 certified, Global Apex Body during the 5th Annual Convention -2015 organised at Bangalore in the month of September 2015.
  • Dr. G. Sabitha and Mr. Syed Mansoor Pasha edited and published a book titled“Innovative Management Applications in Global Context” with ISBN: 978-93-8303-823-7, Siri Publications, Hyderabad.
  • Dr. G. Sabitha Presented a paper Titled “Big Data- Big Issues- Big Challenges” at International Conference on Big Data Analytics organized by Siva Sivani Institute of Management during 11th-12th February 2016.
  • Mrs. V. Vishnu Vandana attended NEN Faculty Development Course on “Kick- Starting the Entrepreneurial campus” on February 12th 2016 at Vasavi Engineering College.
  • Mrs. P. Kalpana and Mrs. Ch. Sivapriya attended the workshop on “Inculcating the Habit of Text Book Reading in Commerce Students” organized by Aurora’s Business School, on 29th December 2015.
  • Mr. A. Rambabu and Mrs. R. Devi attended Faculty Development Program on “Investment Management in the Global Scenario” organized by PragatiMahavidyalaya on 26th September 2015.
  • Dr. G. Sabitha attended Sankalp-2015, 5th Global Annual Convention organized by MTC Global during 11th-12th September 2015.
  • Mrs. Ch. Sivapriya, Mrs. P. Kalpana and Mrs. C. Supriya attended FDP on “Effective Teaching Research Methods for Academic Excellence organized by Department of Business Management, A V College Post Graduate Centre on 14th July 2015.
  • Mrs. R. Devi Presented a paper in the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Accounting Fraud and Its Impact on Economy” organized by Badruka College of Commerce & Arts during 10th -11th July 2015.


  • IIEM honoured Dr. G. Sabitha with “Bharath Vidya Shiromani Award” for the outstanding achievement in the field of Education in the month of February 2015 at New Delhi.
  • ISC honoured Dr. G. Sabitha with “Indian Mahila Rattan Gold Medal Award” in the month of February 2015 at New Delhi.
  • Dr. G. Sabitha and Ms. M. Prasanthiedited and published a book titled “Competency Building Strategies for Sustainable Development in Teaching and Research” with ISBN 978 93 83038 091 through Siri Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ms. M. Prashanthi Presented two papers titled “Role of Tour operators and travel agencies for E promoting in Tourism Industry” and “ Role of Social Media with the intefration of CRM in Tourism Industry” at National Conference on Tourism Marketing and its role in Indian economy organized by VikramaSimhapuri University during 11th-12th March 2015.
  • Ms. M. Prashanthi Presented a paper titled “Inbound Marketing- Exploiting the Untapped potential of social media” at 3rd International Conference on strategies for business excellence: challenges and opportunities organized by Malla Reddy college of Engineering & Technology during 26th -27th December 2014.


  • Dr. G. Sabitha Provisionally qualified the UGC-NET June 2013.


  • Mrs. V. Vishnu Vandana qualified UGC Net conducted by UGC in the month of June 2012.
  • Mr. M. Narender, Mrs. V. Vishnu Vandana, Mr. A. Rambabu and Dr. G. Sabitha provisionally qualified APSET 2012 conducted by Osmania University in the month of July 2012.
  • Mr. M. Narender Qualified JRF 2012 conducted by UGC in the month of June 2012.
  • Mrs. V. Vishnu Vandana qualified UGC Net conducted by UGC in the month of June 2012.
  • Mr. M. Narender, Mrs. V. Vishnu Vandana, Mr. A. Rambabu and Dr. G. Sabitha provisionally qualified APSET 2012 conducted by Osmania University in the month of July 2012.


  • Mrs. K. Mamatha, has been awarded the Doctorate Degree in the month of February, 2012 by Osmania University.



A. National Conference:

A conference is a gathering of people with a common interest or background, with the purposes of allowing them to meet one another and to learn about and discuss issues, ideas and works that focus on a topic of mutual concern. During this process, the research papers will be received from the interested people on the specified topic to be discussed during the conference and all the accepted content will be shared among the people with a published document.

The department has organised the following conferences:

1.“Competency Building Strategies for Sustainable Development In Teaching & Research” on 30th October 2013:It was the first one day National Conference organised at Anurag Group of Institutions by the Department of MBA.This conference provided inputs on competency building strategies in teaching profession.Prof. M. Bhagwanth Rao, Director, addressed the gathering on strategies and Prof. K. S. Rao, Director discussed on few competency strategies during the inaugural session.On this occasion, Prof. R. Nageshwar Rao, Officer on Special Duty to Vice Chancellor Osmania University, gave the key note address as chief guest of the event. The address was enlightening the audience which made the paper presenters and other guests to recollect the same entire the program.Prof. K. Narendranath Menon, Professor, Institute of Public Enterprise, acted as chair person for Finance and Marketing papers and chief guest for the valedictory session. He made the event grand success by his tremendous speech during the valedictory.Dr. D. Masthan, Principal Consultant, CLRD, acted as Session chair for HR and General papers.During the program out of 35 papers, 15 papers were presented. All the papers were extreme in respective topics.At the outset the audience were greatly impressed by the talks of all the session chairs and guests.
Convener:Dr. G. Sabitha Faculty Coordinator: Ms. M. Prasanthi.

2. “Innovative Management Applications in Global Context” is organized on 12th December 2014:This conference provided inputs on various innovative management practices globally. On this occasion, Dr.U.Balaji, CEO, HMRI given the key note address as chief guest of the event. The address was enlightened the audience. Prof. Vijay Kumar, Dean, CEC, addressed the gathering on how innovation and its applications are important in this competitive world. Dr.P. Rajeshwar Rao, Chairman discussed on how Management degree is important in global context. Dr.Badiuddin Ahmed, Faculty, Maulana Azad Urdu University, acted as chair person for Finance and General papersProfessor PardhaSaradhi, Professor and Director, Placements acted as Session chair for HR and Marketing papers and Chief Guest for theValedictory. His speech made the participants to realize the environment in which they are and the innovations must desire success.During the program out of 18 papers, 8 papers were presented. All the papers were extreme in respective topics.At the outset the audience ware greatly impressed by the talks of all the session chairs and guests.
Convener:Dr. G. Sabitha Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Syed Mansoor Pasha


B. Faculty Development Program:

The FDPs provide inputs on process and practice of teaching methodologies and to develop creativity, problem solving, achievement motivation training, and required inputs. The program methodology includes discussion of case studies, group discussion, games and simulation exercise, field visits and classroom lectures.

The department has organised the following conferences:
1. Innovative Teaching Methodologies on 21st September 2013: This Faculty Development Program (FDP) is designed to train and develop professionals in teaching methodologies so that they can act as resource persons in guiding and motivating students learning the subject with practical. Prof. M. Bhagvanth Rao, Director talked on time management and Prof. M. Mutha Reddy, Principal of the college covered the areas of teaching methodologies during the inaugural session. On this occasion, Prof. V. Gangadhar, Ex Vice Chancellor, Mahatma Gandhi University and Director, SMS, SNIST given the keynote address as Chief Guest of the event. Other speakers of the day like, Dr. A. Jagan Mohan Reddy, Professor at IPE addressed the audience on 3 R’s Approach, Dr. G. Radhakrishna, Professor at ISB talked on various pedagogies in teaching methodologies and Dr. Rama Reddy Joggavarupu enlighten the audience the effect of mind on teaching profession. Through this FDP, 62 faculty members of Management Education are trained for one day. At the outset the participants were impressed by the selection of speakers of the program.
Convener:Dr. G. Sabitha Faculty Coordinator: Mrs. C. Supriya

2. “Challenges ahead of Management Teachers” on 23rd August 2014: There were good number of faculty participated from various colleges. The department received applause from the participants of the event. key note address was given by Prof. M. Mutha Reddy , Principal, chief guest of the program was Prof M.Bhagwanth Rao, director for inaugural session and Prof.Paradhasaradhi, Prof- OU for valedictory session. Prof. Ramesh Vemuganti, President- HMA was the guest of honour. The challenges to be faced by the management teachers were discussed and few participants have shared their experiences during their presence at the event.
Convener:Dr. G. Sabitha Faculty Coordinator: Mrs. Seema Nazneen

C.Guest Lectures:

Hearing new voices provides students not only with different points-of-view, but also with potential resources they can apply in later courses. Bringing in speakers with proven expertise in a topic provides added credibility to our content. These experts can be faculty from outside of our department of the institution or experts from the community.

The Department has organised several guest lectures:

  • Mr. M. Srinivas Rao, Associate Professor, English department delivering a lecture on “How to succeed in life” on 22nd September 2016.
  • Functions of Stock Market, a guest Lecture by Mr. Santhosh Reddy Representative from BSE was organised on 30th June, 2016.
  • img_20160630_142025

  • “Confidence and Communication for a great Success” by MR. RavindraGajjala, a soft skills trainer at LIFESKILL on 8th April 2015.
  • Organised An orientation program on skills Development and Campus consulting providing education and Employability by Mr. RohenChhada, from Smart Steps on 02.07.14
  • A guest lecture by Mr. CMA Sivaprasad Kopalle, Cost Accountant, A State Government representative on “Investment Awareness” on 7th December 2013.
  • Mr. Tirmal Reddy, a soft skills trainer who has 15 years of industry experience and two times gold medalist from Glaxo on Employee Training has addressed the MBA I year students on “Leadership and Self Brand Building” on 12th September 2013.
  • The Department of MBA has organised a Guest lecture by Mr. Rama Reddy, an industrialist and founder of RRJ Institute of Spiritual Services to the students of MBA I year on “Body & Mind” on 3rd September 2013.
  • A guest lecture on “Employability beyond Employment” by Mr. M. R. Senapathy, Associate Professor & Co ordinator for placement promotional works at Shiva Sivani Institute of Management on 2nd November 2012.
  • A guest Lecture by Mr. B. V. N. G. Chandrasekhar, IIM Bangalore is arranged on Technology and Services on 6th October, 2012.
  • A guest Lecture on Qualities of Good Manager by Prof.a. Jagan Mohan Reddy, IPE is organised on 13th October 2012.
  • Guest lecture on “Budget -2012, An analysis” by Prof. K. Nageshwar, Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication, OU on 22nd March , 2012

D. Career Guidance talks:

The expert’s experiences help the students to make decisions about whether to go to university, what subjects to study and what jobs to do. Their experiences are useful for young people. These things need to be presented carefully, as what worked for the teacher may not work for the students, but teachers should be having career conversations. In this regard, the department has organized several career guidance talks by experts from within and outside the institution.

  • A talk by Mr. Sushanth, BITS, Pilani has been organised on Career and future Prospects in the month of September,2012.
  • Seminar on Financial certifications for MBA students by Mrs.MadhaviK.Reddy, MD, Madhavi Investment and Financial services on 27th April 2012.
  • Mr. Hari Balachandran- Director, Country Head, India addressed MBA students with the certification courses from HP on 19th December 2013.
  • Choose your specialization program was organised by thedepartment faculty in the month of June, 2015
  • img-20160629-wa0009

  • Mr. PhaniKondepudi, Microsoft Dynamics addressed the students on CRM and other software courses available for Management Students on 29th November 2013
  • A talk on career guidance organised by Mr. Shashikanth, General Manager, TMI and Mr. Rasool, Project Manager, TMI on opportunities in Insurance Sector on 1st July 2015 in our campus.
  • Choose your specialization program was organised by the department faculty on 29th June, 2016

E. AAVIRBHAV- the Management Meet:

The management meet is a program, where the students from various MBA colleges meet each other and participate in various activities to test their competencies among themselves and to update themselves. These management meets don’t happen by accident but that is only the first step of many students on the journey to making their career effective, meet the people of same interest to get success in doing their projects and getting good jobs.

The department has been organizing such meeting regularly starting from the year 2000 by naming it as AAVIRBHAV-2K** (**indicates the year of the event).

The students from various colleges attend and enthusiastically participate in various formal events like, Young Manager Contest, Business Quiz, Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation, Stock Market and Ad mad and also participate in informal events like, spell bee, short film making etc.

  • AAVIRBHAV-2K12:The 3rd State level Management Meet was organised on 6th July, 2012. Mr. Ramesh Vemuganti, Ex-President, HMA and CEO- Chanakya Consulting was invited as the Chief Guest and Mr. Rahul Sharma, Regional Sales Manager, Yash Technologies graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour.
  • AAVIRBHAV2K13:The 4th State Level Management Meet was organised on 3rd August 2013.Prof. V. Gangadhar, Ex Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University and Director of SMS, Srinidhi Institute of Science and Technology graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.
  • ANURAG MANAGEMENT MEETwas organised on Jan-03-2014.School of Business Management organised first Management Meet for Anurag Group of Institutions. Students from School of Business Management, Anurag College-Kodad and VJIT participated actively in the events like Young Manager Contest, Business Quiz, Specialisation events and Paper Presentations. The response for the event was in good in number from the sister concern colleges. Directors Prof. M. Bhagwanth Rao, Dr.k. S. Rao were the speakers for inaugural session.
  • AAVIRBHAV-2K15:The 5thState Level Management Meet was organised on 17th April 2015.Dr. A. Jagan Mohan Reddy, Senior Professor from IPE acted as Chief Guest and Prof. M. Bhagvanth Rao as Guest of Honour for the event.
  • AAVIRBHAV-2K16:The 6thState Level Management Meet was organised on 18th and 19th March 2016 in collaboration with Technical fest- AAGAMA-2k16.

F. In-House Workshops:

  • Poster Presentation on TOP CEO’s and New Product Development exhibition organised by MBA II year Students on 12th October 2012.
  • A work shop on “Entrepreneurship Orientation Program” organized by Mr. Srinivas Sreeramula, NSIC-MSME on 2nd December 2013.
  • A work shop on Personality Development and Soft Skills on 26th August 2013. All the MBA I year students have actively participated in the workshop and shared their inherent skills and talents with the other students.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARENESS CAMP Learn to set up your own enterprises 16th to 18th October 2014.
  • An in-house student workshop on Motivation on 19th July 2014 in the college campus. MBA I and II year students of School of Business Management were participated in this event. 9 Power point presentations, 8 poster presentation, 6 Video clippings were played during this workshop. All the presentations were explored the inherent talent in each student of SBM and were motivating the participants to take up challenges and to achieve their respective goals in their future. During this workshop one short film was directed and played by first year students.







SDP organised by HMA

Workshop on PDSS


School of Business Management in-house workshop on “Demonetisation” on 28th December 2016.

G. Education to Employment or Entrepreneurship (E2E Classes):

E2E classes have been organised to enhance the interpersonal skills of a student by conducting several activities. These classes have been helping the student to improve their communication skills, to develop their personality to improve their presentation skills and interview skills.

Weekly one class has been scheduled during their regular semester. The activities conducted during this session are:

  • Just a minute activity (JAM Sessions)
  • Group discussions
  • Debates
  • Paper presentations
  • Ad making
  • Poster Presentations
  • Exhibiting the student inherent skills
  • Mock Interviews

H. Specialization Clubs:

Clubs organised to give beyond the class work knowledge in their selected specializations. Weekly one class for each specialization has been scheduled during their regular semester.

The latest issues, selective case studies, implementation process of management theories, Regulations of monitoring bodies will be discussed during these student centric clubs.

The clubs have been named and activities conducted under these clubs are:

Dhraveen- Finance Club:

Aakruti -Marketing Club

Srujana-HR Club

I. Train the Trainer:

Train the trainer program is organised for the department faulty to discuss the best practices and latest management issues. This program also helps the faculty member to use the information in their class discussions and faulty member new to the topic gets foundation to deliver the subject.


J. Other Events:

Haritha Haram Program at our Institution:

The College has been organised Haritha Haram program on 13th July 2016. MBA students have participated enthusiastically.


K. Orientation Program:

The Department is organised Orientation Program for 2016-18 batch on 19th October 2016.

Senior Director Prof. M. Bhagwanth Rao addressed the students to focus more on their personality Development and Prof. M. Mutha Reddy, Dean Examinations over viewed the examinations pattern and also encouraged them to use the infrastructure in a great extent. Mr. M. Srinivas Rao, Academic Coordinator made the students to practice soft skills.


L. Freshers and Farewell:

2015-17 batch has given freshers party to 2016-18 batch on 17th December 2016. During the event Senior Director Prof. M. Bhagwanth Rao, faculty members and senior students had motivational talks with them.


Industry-Institute Interaction

Industry Institution Interaction helps the faculty and students to interact with industry in all possible ways with the spirit of deriving mutual benefit.

I. Industry Visits:

Industry visits are organised to give the students a practical understanding on the industry layouts, quality control, process and other managerial issues.

  • 2011-12 batch students have been taken to APDDFC (Vijaya Diary), Lalapet on 25th April, 2012.
  • 2012-14 batch visited ITW Signode, Packaging solutions located at Patancheru on 20th and 21st of May 2013. Students were enlighten by observing different packaging services provided by the company and manufacturing of packaging material.
  • 2013-15 Batch visited APDDCF (VIjaya Milk Products Factory) on 7th July 2014.
  • 2013-15 and 2014-16 batch students visited “The Economic Times” press on 29th & 30th June 2015. The students have observed and understand how the paper will be printed and dispatched various locations of Telangana.

Visit to APDDCF

  • 2015-14 Batch students of MBA visited ”Central Institute of Plastic & Engineering Technology(CIPET)” on 3.10.2016.The students have observed and understand how the plastic products will be produced by using different machinery , students learnt how CIPET assisting young entrepreneurs.


II. Edu Corporate Bridge (eduCBA):

Edu CBA is a leading global provider of skill based courses addressing the needs of students and working professionals working in the industry. eduCBA is one of the top companies in India & growing internationally in online educational & training domain.

Our students also got benefited by taking up an internship for 8 months. Following are the details:


S. No. Ht. No Name of the student Topic
1 12H61E0010 C. Shalini Financial Modeling- Infosys
2 12H61E0040 P. Shiva Kumar Equity Research- Infosys
3 12H61E0058 B. Venkatesh Financial Modeling- Dabur
4 12H61E0070 K. Nalini Equity Research- HDIL
5 12H61E0071 K. Madhusudhan Chary Corporate Valuation-Ultratech
6 12H61E0079 K. Mahender Sai Equity Research- Dabur
7 12H61E0080 M. Mamatha Financial Modeling- Just Dial
8 12H61E0090 P. Suresh Kumar Financial Modeling- Ultratech


S. No. Ht. No Name of the student Topic
1 13H61E0007 B. Srinivas Corporate Valuation-Infosys
2 13H61E0015 I. Shalini CorporateValuation- Ultratech
3 13H61E0019 K. Pranidhar Reddy Corporate Valuation – Dabur
4 13H61E0020 K. Raghram Equity Research- Mahindra & Mahindra
5 13H61E0037 M. Venkanna Chary Equity Research- Ultratech
6 13H61E0039 N. Anirudh Credit Research – Telecom
7 13H61E0058 S. Kiran Chary Equity Research- Infosys

III. Signode India Ltd.

Signode is a multinational manufacturer and supplier of world class steel and plastic strapping, wrapping, taping, protective packaging and lashing equipment, consumables, tools and accessories.

The institution has given our students of 2012-14 batch an opportunity of learning the management techniques

K.Sai Vishnu Priya
B. Tejaswi
K. Rajesh


Placements 2014-16 Batch

2 14H61E0029 HEENA BEGUM MBA Genpact
3 14H61E0035 KAMAL BNATI MBA Genpact
4 14H61E0067 S ARACHANA MBA Genpact
5 14H61E0072 V SRAVYA MBA Genpact
6 14H61E0067 S ARADHANA MBA Sutherland Global Services
7 14H61E0029 HEENA BEGUM MBA Sutherland Global Services
8 14H61E0072 SRAVYA VEMULA MBA Sutherland Global Services
9 14H61E0055 P SHIVA KIRAN MBA Sutherland Global Services
10 14H61E0041 K Manideep MBA Sutherland Global Services
11 14H61E0071 U.Soni Kumari MBA United Health Group
12 14H61E0062 Rajnikanth MBA United Health Group

Placements for 2013-2015 batch

S.No Hall Ticket No Name of the Student Name of the Company
8 13H61E0066 UMMAGONI MAHESH ICICI Prudential
10 13H61E0071 V SATISH KUMAR AVK Productions
12 13H61E0015 shalini.I Karvy Computer Share
13 13H61E0027 K.Nagaraj UHG
14 13H61E0028 L. Srikar Goud HSBC Electronic data Processing
14 13H61E0031 M Vishnuvardhan BROADRIDGE
16 13H61E0057 Satyavijeta.D.N ACC Cement Works
17 13H61E0063 T Vikram Karvy Computer Share
18 13H61E0064 T.MANASA ICS Tech Services
19 13H61E0051 R.Sruthi Wipro
20 13H61E0044 Paka Jyotshna Wipro
21 13H61E0067 Vishnu kumar s bannakki Wipro
22 13H61E0065 Thirupathi B Wipro
23 13H61E0004 B Praveen Kumar Wipro
24 13H61E0003 B UDAY PRAKASH Infosys
26 13H61E0027 KULKARNI NAGARAJ United Health Group

Placements 2012-14 Batch

S.No Hall Ticket No Name of the Student Name of the Company

Placements 2011-13 Batch

S.No Hall Ticket No Name of the Student Name of the Company
1 11H61E00E3 M.Anudeep Sheenlac Paints
2 11H61E00E8 E.Sandeep Sheenlac Paints
3 10H61E00E6 Krishnaveni.M Avra Laboratories
4 11H61E00E8 Sandeep.E Avra Laboratories
5 11H61E00F7 R.Santosh Kumar ADP
6 11H61E0089 Adula Raju Hitech Print Systems Limited
7 11H61E0056 Md. Irfan Spandana Spoorthy
8 11H61E0031 Mohmmed Ayub Pasha Spandana Spoorthy
9 11H61E00F8 S Nagendra Spandana Spoorthy
10 11H61E0034 Naresh Ramulu Jogula Spandana Spoorthy
11 11H61E0025 K.S.Anil Kumar Spandana Spoorthy
12 11H61E0057 Hajeera Sultana Amazon
13 11H61E00G1 Richa Saxena Amazon
14 11H61E0031 Mohmmed Ayub Pasha Cognizant
15 11H61E00B8 T VIJAY KUMAR Factset

Placements for MBA 2010-12 batch as on 28.04.2012:

S.No. Name of the Company No of Students Selected
1 Hexagon Nutrition Pvt Ltd 4
2 Yash Technologies 2
3 Jasper Industries 5
4 Data Monitor 2
5 Capital IQ 2
6 Genpact 1
7 India Infoline 6
8 Neo Apps. Technologies PVt Ltd 1
9 Sundaram FInance 11
10 Wells Fargo 6
11 Amazon 3

Professional Chapters


1. MTC Global:

The department is the Professional Body Member of ITC Global, an ISO 9001-2008 certified a global apex body. Being strong credible and time tested global network in knowledge sharing, it is helping the department to showcase seminar/conference/FDP/ Research Paper Submission notification/ Conducting Online Survey etc. to 30,000+ strong management professors across India and world.

The department has got support from MTC being the member of it in the following ways for the development of students and faculty as well:

1. Identification of resource persons for a guest lecture
2. Identification of Resource Persons for FDP/ National Conference programs organised
3. Information of National and International Conferences and other management activities organised by various college in and out of the state.
4. Sharing of Management games, stories, case studies and many more


2. Hyderabad Management Association:

The department has organised Student Development Program on 27th June 2014.
SDP was on “Career Opportunities for Management Graduates”, Mr. P. Thrinath was the speaker for the session.


3. NHRD:

The student members are attending the sessions out side campus whenever is organised by NHRD since 2012.



CVSR- MBA department has been formed and been registered from 2013.

The first Alumni meet was organised on 23rd March 2013. 30 students from the batch 2006-08 to 2010-12 been attended and shared their experiences and gave valuable suggestions.

The second Alumni meet was organised on 4th January 2014 and students from 2006 to 2013 batch students attended.

The third alumni meet was organised on 5th November 2016. 40 students from 2016 batch attended and shared their experiences and motivated current students to take part in events organised in and out of college campus.

Attended alumni elected following students as

  • President:Ms. Amulya (HSBC)
  • Vice-President : Mr. J.Rajesh (Business Development Executive-DIGITAGE SOFTWARE )
  • Treasurer :Mr.A.Abbaiah (Corporate Service Administrator-Yashoda Hospitals)


  • Mr.A. Srinivas-TCS
  • Mr. Saibaba-WIPRO
  • Mr. Vinesh Kumar, Ms. Srividya -GENPACT
  • Mr.K.Srinivas – SOCTNONICS



Contact details of the Dept. (Mobile No. and Email ID).

1.Dr. G. Sabitha, HoD, (Mobile No.: 98490 94934 and Email ID:

2.Mrs. P. Kalpana: II year Class Incharge (Mobile No.: 9951585767 and Email ID:

3.Mrs. C. Supriya: I year Class Incharge (Mobile No.: 99892 40737 E Mail ID: