A Center of Excellence - CENTER FOR DIGITAL INNOVATIONS (CDI) in collaboration with KRIA Health Care has been established at Anurag Group of Institutions.

A core team has been constituted involving senior faculty members from all the departments. 


Introduce Digital Innovations that create positive socio economic impact.

Focus Areas:

  • Engineering Cluster
  • Digital Cluster

Technology Fusion:


Technology Innovation, Development and Entrepreneurship-TIDE center, at AGI Campus, was established in 2017and has been providing space, mentorship, technology support, access to labs for tech start-ups.

This center essentially intends to convert ideas into products and create success stories and showcase them to initiate young students and graduates into technology entrepreneurship.

TIDE has a vision to encourage and promote product development competency in engineering students. To connect students from various disciplines of Engineering and business streams work together Multi-disciplinary approach is ensured.

TIDE Objectives

  • Establish startups on AGI campus
  • Create jobs in the region
  • Build a strong network of business mentors and coaches to help sustain the growth
  • Start / attract venture capitals to invest in our start-ups


1. Technology Innovation Development and Entrepreneurship (TIDE)

2. Process flow diagram of TIDE

TIDE motivates, inspires and educates students to convert their ideas into products and helps them to become entrepreneurs by starting their business on campus. Attract and encourage external entrepreneurs with a good business plan and cultural fit to start their business on AGI campus.

To focus on eligible students who are open enough to experience career of an entrepreneur. A good mix of credit based and non-credit activities were undertaken as a part of this approach.

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