Guest Lecture on “Idea to enterprise – Journey of an Entrepreneur” by Mr.P. Narayana -MD, Bakeys Food Pvt Ltd – 5/11/2015

Mr Narayana Peesapati, MD, Bakeys Food Pvt Ltd and Former Researcher ICRISAT has delivered a guest lecture on “Idea to Enterprise – Journey of an Entrepreneur” on 5/11/2015 for the EDP cell registered students at Anurag Campus.

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In his lecture he has conveyed students the importance innovation for any individual in order to grow in their personal and professional lives. He stressed upon the need to reduce pollution and increase water base in the ground. Innovation of Edible cutlery using Jowar was his solution to address the problems which also provides high nutritional values to the consumers.

In his guest lecture, he emphasized that having an idea is not sufficient for an would be entrepreneur, but passion to follow the idea, finding sufficient financial resources and planning are most essential to succeed as an entrepreneur.

The sessions was interesting and thought provoking for the listeners.

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