Guest Lecture on Solar Power – Micro Entrepreneurial Issues by Mr.Vamsi Krishna, ISTPVT on 31/7/2015

A guest lecture was organized for Mechanical students on Solar Power – Micro Entrepreneurial Issues by Mr. Vamsi Krishna, M.Tech (IIT), Institute Of Solar Power Technologies & Vocational Training on 31/7/2015. Mr. Vamsi Krishna being an entrepreneur himself, emphasized the rising demand for the energy in today’s world and especially India. He has stressed upon the pathetic conditions of many rural citizens who still do not have access to electricity. He advised the students that in the career of entrepreneur chances of success are much higher if they keep them updated on the changing needs of the customers. He also said that role of entrepreneur is very gratifying as they offer a lot back to the society. Several issues on the needs and challenges to be faced in the entrepreneurial process were discussed. Mr. Vamsi Krishna, ISPTVT
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