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Career Guidance Talk

Mr. Suhas Sadurla, Co-Founder, Business Development, Apt Pro Training institute had a career guidance talk to the MBA students on 28th March, 2017 from 11.00 [...]

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Educative programmes for the staff.

As a part of Teaching and Learning process, Mrs. P. Kalpana, Assistant professor of MBA Department has taken up a session on Budget preparations and [...]

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II-B.Tech-II-Semester-Assignment-Questions-2 -2016-2017.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering CONTROL SYSTEMS POWER SYSTEMS-I ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS PEE Information Technology CO DAA DBMS ES JAVA SE Electronics and Communication Engineering EMI EMTL [...]

II-B.Tech-II-Semester-Assignment-Questions-2 -2016-2017.2017-03-24T07:01:47+00:00

B.Tech, B.Pharmacy,Pharm D & Pharm D (PB) Mid Time Table-2017

II_Pharm_D__(PB)_III_Midterm_Examination-2016-17. III_B.TECH_II-SEM_II-Midterm_Time_Table_-2017 III-B.Pharmacy_II-Semester_II-Mid_Term_Examinations_Time_Table-2017. IV_B_TECH_II-SEM_II-MIDTERM_EXAMINATIONS_TIME_TABLE-2017. IV-B.Pharmacy_II-Semester_II-Mid_Term_Examinations_Time_Table-2017. IV-Pharm_D_III_Mid_Exam_Time_Table-2017 V-Pharm_D_III-Midterm_Examination_Time_Table-2017

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