Cartwheel (The in-house College Magazine)


The in-house college magazine “Cartwheel” was launched on 5 September.2013. This is a monthly magazine. As stated in the first issue, the magazine is meant to “connect each one of you with each one of you”. To make this a success each one of us must contribute to it. As a matter of policy, we can only publish those articles that are accompanied by

  1. Photograph of the writer
  2. Faculty- Full name , designation & college
  3. Students- Full name, branch, year &college
  4. Title of the relevant topic from the list of contents.

The list of contents along with the requirements is provided below so that it will help you all send in your articles.


  1. Chairman’s Words
  2. Editorial
  3. A Professor’s Experience in a Class (Any interesting anecdote or incident that a professor has witnessed/experienced.)
  4. A Student’s Impression of a Class (Any particular class that a student really liked and the reasons for this.)
  5. Student-teacher Talk Across a Table. (An informal chat between a teacher & a student, providing a chance to get to know each other better.)
  6. Coffee Corner- (Why & how students spend time in the canteen)
  7. Winners (Stories of remarkable students)
  8. Campus News (An update of the events from the group colleges)
  9. From the Laboratories (News related to experiments/demos)
  10. From the Libraries (Reading experiences of students. Tips and clues from libraries)
  11. Play time (News related to sports/news of campus games-coaching)
  12. View from the Window (Happenings in other colleges and universities)
  13. Different Strokes (Contributions from students-poetry, art, music reviews etc)
  14. Read this? (Very brief extracts from books)
  15. Notice Board (College related announcements)
  16. Why am I at Anurag? (Students write why they chose Anurag and how they feel about it)
  17. My Idea of Engineering/Pharmacy/Management/Sciences
  18. Genius (Stories of great innovators/creators in history)
  19. Visiting Professors & Eminent Persons
  20. News You Can Use (A description of the latest gadgets/bikes etc.)
  21. National Service Scheme( NSS ).