The EPS specialization (Electric Power Systems) started in EEE Department in 2011 with an intake of 18 Students. This EPS programme is a globally recognized specialization program in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering to prepare the next generation of power engineering professionals to meet the challenges ahead in the electric power sector. This EPS specialization deals with planning, commissioning, operation and control of power system. The Electrical power networks with emphasis on conventional networks, high voltage direct current transmission and power system operation and deregulation. The power electronics with emphasis on power electronic convertors in converting and controlling power flows in electrical networks. These include areas such as energy storage technologies, advanced power electronics at the transmission and distribution levels, networked control systems, automation, renewable and alternative energy systems integration, system optimization, real-time control, and other related topics. In addition, the evolution of power programs and curriculum in this emerging area must take into account significant input from industry constituents engaged in the manufacturing, implementation, operation, and maintenance of the new smart grid technologies and systems. By working collaboratively with industry to meet future employer needs, programs with newly developed course offerings will be able to better prepare students and existing professionals alike for the rapidly growing clean-energy, smart grid environment.

Semester Subjects Electives

I Sem

  1. Advanced Power System Analysis
  2. Advanced Power System Protection
  3. Power Systems Lab-I
  4. Seminar –I

Professional Elective-I

  1. EHV AC Transmission
  2. High Voltage Engineering
  3. Advanced Digital Signal Processing

Professional Elective-II

  1. Power Quality
  2. Microcontrollers and applications
  3. Distribution Automation

Open Elective-I

  1. *Open Elective – I

II Sem

  1. Power System Dynamics & Control
  2. Flexible AC Transmission Systems
  3. Power System Operation and Deregulation
  4. Power Systems Lab-II
  5. Seminar –II

Professional Elective – III

  1. Gas Insulated Systems (GIS)
  2. Programmable Logic Controllers and their applications
  3. Energy Auditing Conservation and Management

Professional Elective – IV

  1. Reactive Power Compensation and Management
  2. Power System Reliability
  3. Voltage Stability

Open Elective-II

  1. *Open Elective – II
Semester Subjects


  1. Technical Paper Writing
  2. Comprehensive Viva-Voce
  3. Project work Review I

IV Sem

  1. Project work Review II
  2. Project Evaluation (Viva-Voce)

Power Industry recruiting PG professionals in Power generation, transmission and distribution

  • Electric Traction Industry
  • Power Quality Engineers
  • Renewable Energy sector as a Maintenance Engineer
  • Inverter manufacturing for on-grid, off-grid applications.
  • GE
  • ABB
  • L&T
  • General Motors
  • NTPC
  • PGCL
  • NHPC
  • Solar and Wind power generation companies,
  • Indian Railways
  • UPSC
  • Electric Vehicle manufacturing companies
  • paper mills
  • Hyderabad Metro
  • Delhi Metro
  • Samsung


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