Postgraduate Programs (PG)
Postgraduate Programs (PG) - Engineering Duration
M. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering 2 Years
M. Tech. Structural Engineering 2 Years
M. Tech. VLSI System Design 2 Years
M. Tech. Embedded Systems 2 Years
M. Tech. Power Electronics & Electrical Drives 2 Years
M. Tech. Machine Design 2 Years
M. Tech. Cyber Security 2 Years
M. Tech. Artificial Intelligence 2 Years
M. Tech. Data Science 2 Years
M. Tech-Construction Technology and Management 2 Years
M. Tech. Additive Manufacturing 2 Years
M. Tech. Robotics and Automation 2 Years
Postgraduate Programs (PG) - Pharmacy Duration
M. Pharm 2 Years
Pharm .D(PB) 2 Years
Pharmaceutics-M.Pharm 2 Years
Pharmacology-M.Pharm 2 Years
Industrial Pharmacy-M.Pharm 2 Years
Pharma Analysis-M.Pharm 2 Years
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs-M.Pharm 2 Years
Postgraduate Programs (PG) - Management Duration
Master of Business Administration 2 Years
Master of Business Administration - Business Analytics 2 Years
Postgraduate Programs (PG) - Computer Applications Duration
Master of Computer Applications 2 Years