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Most Indian students aspire to become either engineers or doctors in this country. With so many engineering options available and such few seats, not every student gets an opportunity to study in the top engineering institutions in the country. However, students in Hyderabad can fulfill their engineering dreams by attending the Top Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad like Anurag University

Before attending one, it is important for students to first understand the basic requirements for doing engineering and its contribution to society. Anurag University, the best Engineering College in Hyderabad, believes in creating engineers who truly embody the principles of science for the betterment of society. 

What Makes An Engineering College ‘The Best’?

  • Placement Policy

Though most institutions claim to have 100% Placement Rates, this is often not true. It isn’t possible for this to happen. However, it is possible for a large chunk of the majority to get jobs. At Anurag University, 98% of the students who participated in the campus recruitment event have received offers. This is applicable to both males and females. Several students at this university feel secured about getting a job after they graduate from their college. You can go to their website for more details. 

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Top Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad provide every bright student, irrespective of their socio-economic status, an opportunity to pursue their engineering dreams. Anurag University’s Scholarship and financial assistance programs are inclusive. 

The SC & ST students, students whose total household income is less than 2 lakhs per year will get their scholarships reimbursed. Those BC, EBC & Minority students whose household income is less than 1 lakh will also receive reimbursed scholarships. Anurag University also recognizes merit and provides scholarships to those students as well. 

  • Beyond Just The Brand 

Every quality engineering college has the resources to back its claims. That is what makes it the best. Anurag University has some of the best experts in their respective fields of engineering, pharmaceutical science and management in their faculty directory. 

They focus mainly on providing Engineering Programs and also undergraduate programs for those wanting to study pharmacy or construction technology and management. 

They even have an Industry Institution Interaction Cell present on the campus for students to give them more opportunities to develop their skills and become more globally employable. They also provide support to those students who want to be entrepreneurs and innovate. Their students won the Best Startup of the Year award in 2017 and many others. 

  • Campus Life

There is more to higher education than just studies. Students need non-curriculum hobbies to develop their skills holistically. This gives them the opportunity to learn new and interesting things as well. Anurag University has several club students who can join from cultural clubs like the TedX club to the Alap club (music club). There are also several Activities and Events that are taking place year-round on campus for students. 

These Clubs and activities are great for reducing stress and hence better mental health in students. Anurag University aims to lessen the pressure cooker-like situation around engineering by allowing students to grow in all aspects. 


Before you choose to go to the best engineering college in hyderabad, be completely sure that engineering is the stream you want to choose. After making that decision, work hard. The sky’s the limit!