The formative years in school helps a child develop technical knowledge and become subject knowledge expertise. When the same student enrolls in a university, he/she looks forward to promising careers and a sharpened skill set. A student must research and apply in a college that not only offers the most sought-after courses but also equips them with career-oriented skills through in-house skill enhancement training programs. Anurag Placements is deemed to be one of the best placements services offered by a private university from 2015-2020. The result of Anurag training prepares the students to take on real-world challenges and to hit the bulls’ eye.

Anurag University – Placement Trends

Anurag University can be without a shadow of a doubt is placed among the top 5% of the top-notch placement services offered by any university. It is on par with National colleges to get the best job opportunities for its students. The university works around the interests of the students and readies them to be associated with the most prestigious multinational companies. According to the statistics, the university has offered a staggering 98% placement opportunities. It looks forward to a  100% placement guarantee as it expands its horizons and begins a new journey.

Here is a glimpse of the Placement Trends at Anurag University from 2016 to 2020.

Year Males Females Average salary (p.a.)
2016 251 278 2.57
2017 305 347 2.94
2018 378 285 2.41
2019 565 346 3.38
2020 570 344 3.61

Anurag University has been able to offer the best placements in the fields of CSE, ECE, IT, Mech, and several others in 2020.

Anurag University – Training

Anurag University is ranked among the best colleges in South India, offering the most career-oriented training programs to students from all over India and abroad. Anurag Training aims at equipping the students with all the skills required for getting placed with reputed companies, along with a placement and training cell that assists the students in getting the placements they deserve.

Anurag’s Training and Placement cell ensure:

  • Comprehensive training
  • Interaction with industrial experts
  • Creating employment opportunities for the students
  • Provide maximum placements through in-campus placements
  • Equip students with real-life challenges and scenarios
  • Enhance verbal and non – verbal communication

What is Done at the Training And Placement Cell?

Anurag’s training and placement cell operates with a team of dedicated individuals and experts who prepare students to secure the best placements. Since training is the foundation of a Student’s Career, the cell ensures proper and timely inputs on human resource requirements through liaison from the industrial partners. Post this; the team prepares comprehensive training programs, which is not restricted to but is inclusive of technical, behavioral, programming, foundation in mathematics, Logical and analytical Training, and many more tailor-made training programs for the holistic development of a student.

The university believes in imparting these training programs right from the 1st year until the students sit for the placements. 1st-year training comprises of English language and behavioral training, followed by mathematical and technical training in 2nd year. In the 3rd and 4th years, the training is tailor-made to suit the aspirations of the students and the jobs they aim for.

In the end

Anurag placements have been among the best private university placements in Hyderabad. The college welcomes the students to take admissions and carve a niche for themselves in the world of opportunities and bright chances of being indispensable.