The Department of English organized a seminar on “Career Building and Employability Skills” on 3/2/17 for III B.Tech Students. The spokesperson who was invited was an entrepreneur, businessman and has lived and breathed honing his employability skills from a very young age. He was Adithya Lanka, Chief Technology Officer from Conduira Online. He was extremely interactive and communicated with students with fervor and enthusiasm.

We conducted 2 sessions for the branches of EEE, ECE and MECH engineering. Students were exposed to the reality of life and were given tips on how to improve their skill set.

In the first session there were around 280 students and in second session 250 students attended the seminar. The students enjoyed the company of an entrepreneur who shared with them tips and ideas to transform themselves, positively.

The feedback of the overall session was extremely positive. The department always works towards organizing events for students for their benefit.