Dr. N. Anil

Associate Professor

Email: [email protected]


N.Anil  received a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) from Marathwada University,Aurangabad in 1992, and a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from Osmania University  in 2011.  He has six years industrial experience and 19 years of Teaching Experience.Now working as Associate Professor in Anurag University since  2006.

Research Interests

N.Anil Research  interests are Optimization Techniques like extended kalman filter ,Neural Network ,Radial Basis Function Network and PLS.He is Exploring the optimization Technique in Reaction Engineering .These Technical interests are unified by the challenge of understanding optimization Tecchnique.

Teaching Interests

  • Batch Distillation
  • Process modeling and Simulation
  • Optimization
  • Neural Network
  • Radial Basis Function Network
  • Combination of PLS , Neural Network and RBFM

Selected Publications

  1. Dr.B.Madhusudan ,Abdul Raoof Ahmed Razvi ,M.shireesha and N.Anil “A Review On Development Of Clean Coal Technologies And Application To Indian Coal”. International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering, 2319-8354 (2017).
  2. Dr.N.Anil ,  K.Meenakshi, Ch Meghana ,B.Sai Hitesh ,Lakshita and Pradeep Kumar “Kinetic Studies On Preparation Of Xylose” International Journal Of Emerging Trends In Engineering And Development, 2249-6149 (2017).
  3. K.  Meenakshi, Dr. N. Anil,  Ch Meghana   and  Pradeep  Kumar” Pre-Treatment Process For Removal Of Lignin In Bio-Ethanol Production – A Case Study” International Journal Of Emerging Trends In Engineering And Development, 2249-6149 (2016).
  4. Dr.N.Anil ,K.Sudarshan, Narasimha Naidu and Mohseen Ahmed “Production Of Xylose From Corncobs” International Journal Of Engineering Research And Publication, 2248-9622 (2016).
  5. International Journal For Research In Applied Science & Engineering Technology,  2321-9653 (2016).
  6. Dr.Venkateshwarlu,N.Anil and C.Sumana  “ Model Based Soft Sensor for Online inference of Composition In Batch Separation Process” in A.P.Academy of Science ,(2007)


  • 2005-2011: Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering Osmania University, Hyderabad Thesis advisors: Dr. Venkateshwarlu and Prof V.V. Basava Rao
  • 1992-1994: Master of Technology in Chemical Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
  • 1988-1992: Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering, Maratwada University. Aurangabad.