Dr. P. V. N Prasad


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Dr. P.V.N Prasad received B.Tech (EEE) from JNTU and M.E (IDC) & PhD (EE) from Osmania University. Retired as Professor of Electrical Engineering & Dean, Faculty of Engg. from O.U. Presently serving as Professor of EEE and Dean (Academic & Planning) in Anurag University. Also served as Head, Department of Electrical Engg.& Director, Curriculum Development Audit & Accreditation Cell (CDAAC) in UCE (A), O.U and Addl. Controller of Examinations (EDP) & Chairperson, BoS (EE), O.U. He was a Member of Academic Senate (OU) and Member of Academic Council & In-charge Confidential), Exam Cell, Special Invitee, Governing Body of UCE (A). Has a teaching experience of over 33 years &a research experience 25 years; published more than 120 Technical papers in National & International journals &conferences with over 400 citations and also reviewed many technical papers for national &international publications. Five students obtained degree in PhD under his supervision and currently more than ten research scholars are perusing PhD. He is a Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India) and Life member of ISTE. He visited countries like Thailand, Italy, U.S.A and Singapore to present technical papers. He has delivered expert lectures in various Engg. Colleges, ESCI and other Industries. More than 45 PhD reports were adjudicated and more than 40 M.E / M.Tech. theses were supervised by him. He was a member, BoS (EE) of various affiliated colleges of O.U and J.N.T.U.H & its affiliated colleges and also Chairperson, BoS (EE) of Mahatma Gandhi University. He was Chairman of UGC expert committee for granting Autonomous status to a Govt. Engg. College and also member of NBA evaluation committee. He was member of a committee in JNTUH as Governor nominee.

Research Interests

Reliability in Power System and Power Electronic Drives, Special Electrical Machines & Drives

Teaching Interests

Power Electronics, Electric Machines & Drives, Reliability Engg.

Selected Publications

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  • B.Tech (EEE) in 1983 from JNTU, Hyderabad
  • M.E (IDC) in 1986
  • PhD (EE) in 2002 from Osmania University