Dr. R. Somanatham


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Dr. R. Somanatham recevied B.E, M.Tech (IDC), Ph.D., F.I.E, Recipient of Gold Medal in M.Tech. Programme from Osmania UNiversity, Retd. as proffesor and Head Department of Electrical EngineeringUCE (A) Osmania University with overall 35years of Teaching & 25 Years of R&D Experience, Published 20 National & International Papers , Served as Chairman BOS of University, Served as regional coordinator for EMCET and ECET for two Consecutive years, Served as Vice Principal for a period of 2 yrs at University college of Engineering, Osmania University and Principal at Malla Reddy Engineering College For a period of One Year, presentely serving as Professor, EEE Dept.AGI from 6.4.2012 Onwards. Also delivered expert lectures to the working engineers of APSEB, BHEL, IRISET, Advanced Training Institute and IETE and guided Two Ph.Ds

Research Interests

Dr.R.Somanatham research intrests revolves around Power Electronics & Drives

Teaching Interests

Dr.R.Somanatham has taught subjects related to Power Electronics, Drives & Electrial Machines

Selected Publications

  1. R.Somanatham, P.V.N Prasad, “Reduction of Cogging Torque of PMBLDC Motor by Changes in Active Surface Area,” International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Electrical Sciences, ICTES 2007, Dr.M.G.R University, Chennai.
  2. R.Somanatham, P.V.N Prasad, A.D.Rajkumar, “Reduction of Cogging Torque in PMBLDC Motor with Reduced Stator Tooth width and Bifurcated Surface Area Using Finite Element Analysis,” IEEE 2006 International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems for Industrial Growth, PEDES-2006, IIT, New Delhi.
  3. R.Somanatham, P.V.N Prasad, A.D.Rajkumar, “Simulation of PMBLDC motor with Sinusoidal Excitation using Trapezoidal Control Strategy,” 1st IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications. ICIEA 2006, Singapore.
  4. R.Somanatham, P.V.N Prasad, A.D.Rajkumar, “Modeling and Simulation of Control of PMBLDC Motor using Zero-Crossing Back E.M.F Detection,” International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion Control Speedam 2006. Taormina, Italy.
  5. R.Somanatham, P.V.N Prasad, A.D.Rajkumar, “Simulation and Analysis of Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor,” IEEE National Conference on Recent Trends in Power System and Drives, NCRTPSD-2006. Chennai.
  6. A.D. Rajkumar, R.Somanatham, “Determination of DC Motor Transients using a Microcomputer,” IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, December 1988, VOLUME 37 Number 4, pp 600-604.
  7. A.D. Rajkumar, R.Somanatham, P. Narasimhaswamy, “Improved Starter for Three Phase Induction Motors in Rural Areas,” Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India) Vol 67 Part EL 3, December 1986.
  8. CH. Siva kumar, A.V.R.S.Sarma, R.Somanatham, “ Application of Active Filter for Compensating Unbalanced Load currents using Symmetrical Component Theory,” International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Electrical Sciences, ICTES 2007, Dr.M.G.R University, Chennai.
  9. R.Somanatham, P.V.N Prasad, A.D.Rajkumar,Operation and Performance Analysis of DSP based Sensor Controlled PMBLDC Drive” IJERIA,ISSN0974-1518,vol2.NoIII( 2009),PP17-30.


  • 1967-1973: B.E From OU
  • 1975-1977: M.E From OU
  • 2001-2007: Ph.D from OU