Assistant Professor

Email: [email protected]


Mahesh Babu Maddali received Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) from Andhra University Visakhapatnam in 2010, Master of Technology in Thermal Engineering from JNTUK-Kakinada in 2014 and Pursuing Ph.D. (Thermal Engineering) from National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh (NIT-AP). His initial academic appointment was at NRI Institute of technology in 2014. He Joined to the Anurag Group of Institutions Hyderabad in 2016 as an Assistant Professor. He serves as Class-incharge, Mark club coordinator and Thermal engineering laboratory in-charge for the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Teaching Interests

Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering I & II, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Power plant Engineering, Renewable Energy Sources and Heat Transfer, Fluid mechanics hydraulic machines

Research Areas

IC Engines, Alternative fuels, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Heat Transfer, solar energy

Research Publications

  1. Mahesh Babu et, al. Mechanical characteristics of glass epoxy composites (IJMPERD- SCOPUS Index-2019) ISSN:2249-6890, Volume-8 Issue-10,
  2. Mahesh Babu et, al. Design & Static Analysis of cover plate. ISSN (P):2249-6890, ISSN (E)No:2249-8001, Special Issue, Page No:161-167, (IJMPERD- SCOPUS Index-2018).
  3. Mahesh Babu et, al. FEA Simulation of Composite Propeller Shaft of Automobile. ISSN/ISBN No: 2393-8374, volume-5, Issue-4, Page No: 47-51, (IJCESR -2018).
  4. Mahesh Babu et, al. Characterization of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Epoxy Based Hybrid Composites ISSN No: 2349-6002, Volume-6, Issue-10, and Page No: 04-10(IJIRT -2017).
  5. Mahesh Babu et, al. Characteristics of a suspension spring under varying thickness and material. ISSN No: 2319-7064, Volume-6, Issue-11, And Page No: 2220-2229. (IJSR -2016).
  6. Mahesh Babu et, al. Aerodynamic Analysis of car profile. ISSN No: 2348-6848, Volume-4, Issue-10, and Page No: 327-334. (IJR-2017).
  7. Babu, M. M., Krishna, A. R., & Raju, J. N. (2014). Hybrid Photovoltaic Solar Thermal Collector System. International Journal of Engineering Research, 3(2).


  • 2020- Ongoing registered PhD in NIT-AP, Andhra Pradesh
  • 2011-2014: Master of Technology in Thermal engineering, BVC engineering college affiliated to JNTUk Kakinada.
  • 2006-2010: Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical engineering, SRKR engineering college affiliated to Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam.