Assistant Professor

Email: [email protected]


T. Asha Latha working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Technology , Anurag group of Institutions from 2007.
She is pursing her Ph.D in BigData Analytics domain from KL University, Vijayawada.

Research Interests

Her interested research area is BigData Analytics.

Teaching Interests

  1. She taught Computer Organization,
  2. Discrete Mathematics,Operating systems,
  3. Information Security,Unix Programming,Object Oriented Analysis and Design,Python Programming to undergraduate Students.

Selected Publications

  1. T. Ashalatha, “Evaluation method for Engineering Program Assessment to implement OBE (Outcome Based Education) System in Engineering Colleges”; International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications; 5; 10; 477-481; 2319-7560.
  2.  T. Ashalatha; “Automated Traffic Management System using Big data technology”; International Journal of Latest Trends in Engineering and Technology; 7; 4; 318-323; 2278-621X.
  3. T. Ashalatha, “Improving operational efficiencies using Big data for financial service”; International Organization of scientific Research –Journal of computer Engineering; 18; 4; 75-77; 2278-8727.
  4. T. Ashalatha; “Improving Operational Services by Automation and Using Big Data to Enhance Business Strategies”; National Conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics and Computer Applications.
  5. N. Nagalakshmi, G. L. Anand Babu, K. S. Reddy, T. Ashalatha, “Security Challenges Associated with Big Data in Health Care System”, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT); 9; 1;4057-4060


  • Ph.d: Registred in 2017
  • M.Tech : Completed in 2012
  • B.Tech : Completed in 2005