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The reaction of engineering colleges towards COVID-19 pandemic

The impact of COVID-19 is no less in the education sector if not more than in any other sector. The need for social distancing and the fear of contagiousness has temporarily shut down the colleges until the situation is under control. With social distancing and sanitization being the new normal, the autonomous engineering colleges in Hyderabad are trying to balance the saw by imparting education keeping in mind the government regulations about the COVID-19 situation.

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A switch to E-learning 

Seeing the contagiousness of the Coronavirus and the government regulations of ‘work from home’ to reduce social associations as much as possible, Anurag University, along with other Autonomous Engineering Colleges in Hyderabad has discontinued conventional classroom education and have completely digitalized the modes of education. 

The Concept of Digital Learning Includes:

  • Scheduled e-lectures through video calling platforms
  • E-assignments through classroom applications
  • Pre-recorded learning modules
  • Notification portal for university updates, etc. 

We still don’t know for how long the education sector has to keep offline learning aside. The government is trying to provide benefits in every sector but the situation remains unpredictable.

Attempts to Flatten the COVID-19 Curve

Besides the improvisation of education, the autonomous engineering colleges in Hyderabad are undergoing another transformation. The campus labs that were initially witnessing college assignments are now seeing young minds’ attempts to flatten the Coronavirus curve. Engineering colleges students are not only collaborating with the health care experts to develop the COVID-19 vaccine but are also putting efforts to develop protective equipment to slow down the rate of spread of the disease. 

How are the Colleges Tackling the Problem?

The engineering colleges are adjusting to the lockdown to tackle the problem of COVID-19. With the colleges putting a halt on the conventional classroom education, here are some measures that the autonomous engineering colleges in Hyderabad have taken seeing the current situation:

  • Colleges have begun the spring break for the students.
  • The students collaborating with the healthcare experts for the research purpose have to stay near the college campus.
  • Colleges have revised their teaching plans to accommodate e-learning patterns.
  • Many colleges have cancelled the semester exams, fests, and other events.

Problems Faced by Engineering Colleges During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The complete digitization of teaching and examination is not that feasible as you think. The engineering colleges are facing a lot of trouble taking the education system online or conducting conventional exams in this situation, some of which are given below.

  • Online exams pose a problem as nearly 2.4% of students don’t use smartphones, while 76% aren’t trained to take e-examinations. 
  • Passing without exams or through averages is also a problem as 58% of the students say their mark-sheet will affect their foreign admissions while 62.2% say that it’d affect their jobs.
  • Offline exams are also not a good option as 21.3% aren’t in the state where the exams are to be conducted.

Source: Survey at St. Xavier College (2020)  

At The end 

Anurag University is taking the utmost precautions and following the legal regulations passed by the GOI. It’s time when we learn to live the virus and take the necessary precautions until the situation is under control.