Right Start is half success.

The inaugural function of E Week Celebrations began with an inspiring extravaganza along with cultural dance. Mr. Kiran Biligiri, Founder Biligiri Hotels is the Chief Guest of the function Director Dr K S Rao, Secretary Mrs Neelima, E Cell Coordinator Dr Vishnu Vandana spoke about the importance of entrepreneurship. Secretary Mrs. Neelima said that institution supports students in every aspect of entrepreneurship. The College has an Incubation Centre Incube which is accessible to the students with valid ideas and encouraged students to utilize the opportunities around them. Dr V Vishnu Vandana, explained about the events organized during the e-week. Around 31 events such as 50 Rs Venture, Boot Camp, Mentoring Sessions, Internshipfair , Venture Launch, Panel discussions and other games are planned in the event. Around 250 students participated in the event. Mr. Kiran encouraged the students to face life with enthusiasm and to follow four steps. 1. Know what you want, 2 Focus on what you want 3. Put efforts toward the goal 4. Have confidence. The inspiring inaugural was a good start for the coming events. Various activities like Movie screening about entrepreneurship, Rangoli, Creativity stalls have been organized and students participated enthusiastically in the events.