Industrial Visit at Coca Cola Co Pvt. Ltd On04.01.2020

A visit to Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited, Hyderabad, was organized for MBA II year students on 04th January, 2020.This visit was schedules with the objectives:

  • To gain the information about functioning of the industry
  • To know various operations of Coca-Cola
  • To study about production of Coca-Cola
  • To better understand the machinery/technology used in production
  • To know about industry environment
  • To understand automation concepts in production of Coca-Cola.

We have started our journey from college campus at 10.15 am.
Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited plant located at ameenpur village near to miyapur, Hyderabad and reached HCCBPL plant at 11.45 am.

At security point, ‘Safety & Security Induction Program @ Coca-Cola’ had been played and instructed us accordingly. We are asked to surrender all our mobile phones & cameras at that point and later we are guided to move towards plant where we met Mr. SuryanarayanaRaju, Operations Head.

We are given free samples of their products andMr.Raju started projecting the video presentation aboutthe key points of Coca-Cola andis explained as:

  • It is only $20,000 billion beverages company
  • Coca-Cola has 38 manufacturing units throughout India
  • Out of them 18 are owned by company and the rest are franchised
  • At every beverage water treatment plant was dedicatedly arranged

The highlights of HCCBPL, Hyderabad are:

  • 400+ employees are working at this plant
  • The employees are engaged with their routines 24/7 at the plant
  • There are 1,40,000 cases are produced per day from this plant
  • The plant has 2,00,000 cases storage capacity warehouse
  • The plant is 1st biggest in India and 5th in Asia
  • It is totally automatic plant
  • Out of the plant area 70% is used for greenery

About Coca-Cola Company, the key points are:

  • Various kinds of production like Thumsup, Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Maaza, Kinley (Mineral water & Soda), Minute maid etc.
  • Out of the total Thumsup production, in India, 35% is distributed to Telangana state.
  • Coca-Cola never use reuse the plastic bottles for production
  • Couple of steps are taken to clean bottles before filling
  • Each bottle is cleaned carefully for about 20 minutes
  • The cloth used for staff uniform comprises plastic-70% & cloth-30%
    Next, to this Mr.Raju guided us the entire production process in the plant. We were all allowed to see all the observations through the glass windows.

We are all able to understand the manufacturing process inside the plant and it was informative and exciting to learn about

  • production, designing of the commodity
  • Manufacturing plastic & glass bottles
  • Water treatment plant & pasteurization process
  • Preparation of the syrup& filling
  • Quality Control & testing
  • Controlling, packaging (Robotic) and labeling (Laser Print for coding) and distribution process.

The session was concluded as Mr.Raju explained their future plans and strategies. This trip was so informative & interesting. I would like to extend my gratitude to our HOD madam, for permitting me to participate in this visit. I express my thanks to our Director sir& others who arrange such an innovative & informative program.