The year 2010-11 is eventful with close to 200 students being placed in some of the most reputed MNC’s like Birlasoft, CapGemini, Computer Associates, Mahindra Satyam, Syntel, Infotech, Wipro, Biomax, Vijaygroup till March 2011. Looking ahead, with many more opportunities coming forward in future we expect the numbers to increase and we wish all the eligible and interested students would be selected by one or other major company in the coming days.

Twenty Five students from CVSR Selected for Mahindra Satyam

07H61A0540 Pavani Kashana B.Tech CSE  
07H61A0544 Radha B B.Tech CSE  
07H61A0549 Ashok Kumar B.Tech CSE  
07H61A0592 Mithil Nilesh Goda B.Tech CSE  
07H61A0595 Deepika Naredla B.Tech CSE  
07H61A05B4 Sirisha Madhavaram B.Tech CSE  
07H61A05C0 Niharika N B.Tech CSE  
07H61A0422 Sai sricharan Kotamraju B.Tech ECE  
07H61A0425 Mogilipalli Mounika B.Tech ECE  
07H61A0450 Ravikiran Tangirala B.Tech ECE  
07H61A0452 Tunga Triven Kumar B.Tech ECE  
07H61A0482 Jonnakuti Shulamiti Raja Kumari B.Tech ECE  
07H61A0495 Raviteja Poknakanti B.Tech ECE  
07H61A04B0 Raja Shekhar B.Tech ECE  
07H61A0205 Boorugu Rajesh B.Tech EEE  
07H61A1205 Ramya Allam B.Tech IT  
07H61A1210 Naga Prathyusha B.Tech IT  
07H61A1222 Tulasi Ram Kambhammettu B.Tech IT  
07H61A1229 Munnangi Tanuja B.Tech IT  
07H61A1238 Viswanathan Ranganathan B.Tech IT  
07H61A1253 V Preetam B.Tech IT  
07H61A1258 Vedulla Nithin bhardwaj B.Tech IT  
08H61F0015 D R Praneeth MCA MCA  
08H61F0057 Veda Prakash vemula MCA MCA