Ph.D. Rules and Regulations
(With effect from the Academic Year 2020-21)

  1. The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) shall be awarded by Anurag University in the School of Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Science, Humanities, and in such other Schools as may be specified, in accordance with the provisions of these rules and regulations in current or amended form, and subject to the conditions laid down herein.
    1. The University adheres to the UGC (Minimum standards and procedure for award of Ph.D. Degree) Regulations, 2016 for the research program.
    2. The University does not offer a Ph.D. program through distance education mode.

    Candidates admitted into the Ph.D. program of the University are of the following categories:

    1. Full-time (FT)
    2. Part-time (PT)
    3.1. Full-time

    Candidates registered for Full-time research shall work and conduct research on a full-time basis during the program's stipulated tenure at Anurag University.

    1. A full-time research scholar shall not accept any employment during the tenure of the course. However, any appointment in research/consultancy schemes is not considered as employment for the purpose stated.
    2. These candidates should submit a No-objection-certificate (NOC) letter from their parent institution/organization along with the application, in case they are employed.
    3.2. Part-time
    1. Candidates who are eligible for Ph.D. admission and are not full-time research scholars will be designated as part-time research scholars. Teachers working in Universities/ Colleges in a permanent position and candidates sponsored by R&D organizations, National laboratories, and Industries having R&D facilities can work on a part-time basis for a Ph. D.
    2. Candidates seeking admission as part-time research scholars have to submit No- objection-certificate (NOC) from their employer to pursue Ph.D. Program at Anurag University.
    4.1. Formation of DRC

    The following will be the DRC composition in each Department, constituted by the Vice-Chancellor (VC).

    1. Chairperson, Board of Studies - Chairperson
    2. Head of the Department- Convener
    3. Two / Three faculty members possessing Ph.D. in the Department, nominated by Vice-Chancellor- members
    4. One external member from reputed educational institutions / industry nominated by Vice-Chancellor- member
    5. The Supervisor / Co-Super visor – Member (applicable for RRM)
    4.2. Functions of DRC

    The functions of the Departmental Research Committee are:

    1. To prepare the vacancy list in each Department with eligible supervisors.
    2. To evaluate the progress in the research work of the scholars, twice a year in Research Review Meetings (RRM) and whenever required.
    3. Any other functions referred to by the Dean R&D or the Vice-Chancellor.
    4. The DRC shall follow the guidelines prescribed by the University from time to time.
    5.1. Minimum Qualification

    5.1.1. Ph.D. in Engineering:Candidates with a minimum of 55% marks in Master's Degree in Engineering/Technology or M.Tech. by Research or any other equivalent Degree in relevant area from a university/ institution recognized by Anurag University.

    5.1.2. Ph.D. in Sciences / Management / Humanities:Master's Degree or its equivalent in the relevant area with a minimum of 55% marks from a university / institution recognized by Anurag University.

    5.1.3. Ph.D. in Pharmacy:M. Pharmacy or its equivalent with a minimum of 55% marks, awarded by a university/ institution recognized by Anurag University relaxation in minimum marks will be applicable for SC/ST/OBC (non- creamy layer)/differently-abled candidates as per the UGC norms in all the above Ph.D. programs (Engineering/ Sciences / Management / Humanities/ Pharmacy).


    5% relaxation in minimum marks will be applicable for SC/ST/OBC (non- creamy layer)/differently-abled candidates as per the UGC norms in all the above Ph.D. programs (Engineering/ Sciences / Management / Humanities/ Pharmacy).


    In the case of MCA graduates or M.Sc. in Computer science, the M.Tech in CSE/IT/any other stream of CSE, qualification is mandatory for registering for Ph.D.

    1. Ph. D. program shall be for a minimum duration of three years for full-time and four years for Part-time scholars, including course work. The Ph.D. program shall be for a maximum duration of five years and six years for full time and part time scholars. The extension beyond this period will be governed subject to the approval of the University.
    6.1 Leave / Break of study
    1. Full-time scholars can avail a maximum of 20 days of leave in a calendar year.
    2. Women candidates and Persons with Disability (more than 40% disability) can avail a maximum of two years for Ph.D. in the maximum duration. In addition, the women candidates may be provided Maternity Leave/Child Care Leave in the entire duration of a Ph.D. for up to 240 days.
    3. Full-time scholars can avail academic leave to collect literature, carry out experimental and other investigations, with prior permission from the Chairperson DRC.
    7.1. General Information
    1. Applications will be invited through open advertisement in leading newspapers / local announcement/website of the University, along with a prescribed fee.
    2. The candidates who have been qualified either through a national level test conducted by national-level organizations such as UGC / CSIR / ICAR / ICMR/ DBT/ UGC-NET/ APRCET /TSET/CSIR-NET/ SET-TS/AP /JEST /GATE/ GPAT/ DST-INSPIRE fellowship or Teacher Fellowship applicants or working as Scientists in Government Organizations & Research Labs with five years' experience are exempted from Ph.D. Eligibility Test of Anurag University. However the candidate has to appear for the interview.
    3. For the remaining candidates (other than specified in 7.b), the admission procedure is based on Ph.D. eligibility test, conducted by Anurag University, and followed by an interview.
    7.2 The general pattern of the Ph.D. eligibility test
    1. Maximum marks for eligibility test: 100.
    2. Nature of test: Objective type questions conducted in online/offline mode.
    3. Syllabus for entrance test: The syllabus of the concerned Department as approved by the Board of Studies.
    4. The qualifying marks of the Ph.D. eligibility test shall be 50%. A relaxation of 5 % of marks (from 50% to 45%) shall be allowed for the candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC (Non-Creamy layers)/Differently-abled category in the entrance examination.
    7.3 Interviews
    7.3.1. Interviews for Research Fellowship holders
    1. A notification will be issued once/ twice in an academic year for the candidates who have been awarded research fellowships, or the research fellowship candidates can apply for Ph.D. admission to Dean R&D through online, any time. However such candidates have to attend an interview.
    2. The candidates with research fellowships are admitted into the Ph.D. program must work only as Full-time research scholars.
    7.3.2 Interviews for Non-Research Fellowship Holders

    For the admission of these candidates into the Ph.D. program, the procedure is as follows:

    1. After the declaration of the Ph.D. eligibility test results, a notification will be issued instructing the merit-listed candidates to appear for the Ph.D. admission interview.
    2. The non-research fellowship holders admitted into Ph.D. Program may work either as Full-time / Part-time research scholars. The admission into the Ph.D. program after the interview is only provisional.
    7.3.3 Interview committee
    1. The Vice-Chancellor will constitute the final committee for conducting interviews for provisional admission for the Ph.D. program.
    2. Interview Committee may consist of the following members; Dean R&D, (Chairperson), Head of the Department (convener) Dean Admissions (member), Dean concerned faculty (member), Chairperson- Board of Studies (member), and two / one Senior Faculty members from the department nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.
    3. Based on the performance of the Ph.D. eligibility test and interview a merit list will be prepared and selected candidates will be intimated.

    7.4 Ph.D. Admissions for Foreign Scholars and Professional Scholars

    The following are eligible to register without passing any NET/SET/ GATE/ Ph.D. eligibility test of Anurag University. The eligible candidates will be given admission based on the interview and subject to the availability of vacancies. The eligible candidates among the following categories shall be allotted to each Supervisor on a supernumerary basis. The applicants in this sub-category shall approach Dean R&D along with an application form in the prescribed Performa.

    7.4.1 Foreign Scholars:Any Foreign scholar applying for a Ph. D. program on a Full-time / Part time basis should contact the Dean Research and Development through email and submit an application form in the prescribed Performa. The application will be forwarded to the concerned DRC for further action.

    7.4.2 Corporate/ Industry Professionals and Officials, etc.,:To forge collaboration between the Govt. / Corporate/ Industry and Anurag University, the following are the eligible:

    1. Civil Servants working in the Government, not below the cadre of Joint Secretary.
    2. Scientists/ Researchers working in National level scientific organizations not less than the rank of Scientist-G or with same scale of pay.
    3. National/State level top public sector organizations - working in the rank not less than the General Manager.
    4. Defense personnel in service with not below the rank of Wing Commander / Captain (Navy) / Colonel.
    5. Working personnel in Private Organizations with the position not less thanVice- President OR equivalent in industry.
    8.1 Qualifications for Research Supervisor / Research Co-Supervisor

    Any faculty member of Anurag University who satisfies the following requirements shall apply in the prescribed format to the Dean R&D to be appointed as a Research Supervisor / Research Co-Supervisor.

    1. He / She should have a Doctoral Degree (Ph.D., D.Sc., or Dr.) from a recognized University/Institute.
    2. He / She should have published at least three research publications in the relevant area after acquiring Ph.D., (out of which at least two publications should be in referred journals) OR at least he / she should have supervised one research scholar leading to Ph.D. in any University recognized by Anurag University.
    3. Applications received for recognition of the supervisor will be forwarded to Dean R&D by respective head of the department for further processing.
    4. A research supervisor shall not undertake to offer guidance for Ph.D. work to any of his/her first degree relatives.
    5. The research supervisor, who retires or leaves the University, as the case may be, permitted to supervise candidate(s) who have already registered with him/ her, subject to the approval of the Vice-Chancellor and on such cases, a co- supervisor of Anurag University shall be appointed.
    8.2 Number of Scholars with a Supervisor
    1. A research supervisor/co-supervisor, who is a Professor at any given point of time, can supervise up to a maximum eight (8) Ph.D. scholars. An Associate Professor as research supervisor can supervise up to a maximum of six (6) Ph.D. scholars and an Assistant Professor as research supervisor can supervise up to a maximum of four (4) Ph.D. scholars.
    2. During any one academic year, DRC shall not allot more than 50% of candidates to a research supervisor.
    3. A vacancy with the supervisor may be considered to have occurred only when a candidate working under him/her submits the thesis OR his/her registration is cancelled.
    8.3. Co-Supervisor
    1. Co-supervision is permitted in interdisciplinary research areas.
    2. Collaborative research:For candidates working in a National research laboratory such as IICT, NIN, etc / Industries /MNCs can have a supervisor/co- supervisor from these organizations; however, they should have a co-supervisor/supervisor from Anurag University. The eligible researchers of such organizations/labs/industries will be recognized as supervisors/co-supervisors as per Anurag University norms specified above. All such organizations should have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Anurag University.

    8.4 Change of Supervisor / Change of Topic

    The candidate has to submit an application in the prescribed format for the change of supervisor / change of topic to the Dean R&D. The application shall be processed as per norms and will be intimated to the student.

    1. A Ph. D. scholar must undertake pre-Ph.D. course work. The scholars who are admitted into the Ph.D. programs have to appear and pass the Pre-Ph.D. examination in the following courses:
      1. Research Methodology/ Research Paper Writing Process (RPWP) (100 Marks-4-credits): Common to all the candidates admitted for Ph.D. program. The aim of RPWP course is the scholar will learn the essentials of Research Methodology by doing literature survey / experiments / simulations etc., and then writing a paper related to his/her area of research. The scholar need to present two seminars before DRC, and the student will be evaluated by the DRC based on the two seminar presentations. The research scholar shall secure a minimum of 50% marks to pass this course.
      2. Two courses related to the field of specialization (100 mark each- with 4- credits each): The scholar with the approval from supervisor should select two courses related to his/her broad area of research and they should get approval from Chairperson BoS/ DRC. The research scholar shall secure a minimum of 50% marks in each course to pass the Pre-Ph.D. examination. Two evaluations will be made for every course, and if the difference of marks in two evaluations is more than 15%, it will be sent for the third evaluation, and the average of the nearest two evaluations will be considered.
    2. Full-time (FT) scholars and Part-time (PT) scholars can attempt Pre-Ph.D. examinations after completion of 6 months from the date of registration. The FT and PT scholar must qualify Pre-PhD examinations within two years and two and half years, respectively, from the date of registration.
    3. A scholar is permitted to avail only three chances of attempts to clear the Pre-Ph.D. examinations.
    4. A scholar is not permitted to submit the thesis within one year from the date of completion of the Pre-Ph.D. examination.

    The research scholar's progress will be monitored for every six months in Research Review Meetings (RRM) conducted by the DRC of the Department. The DRC shall submit the RRM reports to the Dean R&D and scholar should submit the progress report for every six months through supervisor. This DRC shall have the following responsibilities:

    1. To review the research proposal and finalize the topic of research.
    2. To periodically review and assist the progress of the research work of the research scholar.
    Research Review Meeting (RRM)
    1. The supervisor (or) co-supervisor (or) both may be present for RRMs along with research scholar.
    2. By the time the scholar submits his/her thesis, he/she should have given a minimum of three seminars (in addition to the RPWP course seminars) in the RRMs with satisfactory performance.
    3. Whenever a scholar publishes a research paper in a refereed journal related to his/her Ph.D. work, he should submit the research paper and its plagiarism report duly signed by the scholar and supervisor, co-supervisor to the DRC, during RRM and should get the approval for the same.
    4. In case the progress of the research scholar is unsatisfactory in RRM, the DRC shall record the reasons for the same and suggest corrective measures, and this RRM performance will not be taken into account.
    5. If any scholar fails to attend two consecutive RRMS without valid reasons the admission shall be canceled based on the DRC's recommendations. If there are any valid reasons, he should get approval from the Dean, R&D.

    Permission for conversion from full-time research to part-time research and vice-versa will be granted on valid reasons and subject to satisfying the regulations in force after the approval of the Vice-Chancellor. No scholarship will be given by Anurag University if a scholar converts from part-time to full time.

    1. If any scholar fails to attend two consecutive RRMS without valid reasons the admission shall be canceled based on the DRC's recommendations.
    2. The registration of a research scholar whose progress is not found to be satisfactory in three consecutive RRMs is liable to be canceled.
    3. The registration of a research scholar who has not submitted his/her thesis before the maximum permissible period will be cancelled.
    4. University reserves the right to cancel the registration at any point of time if found guilty due to plagiarism or any valid reason, on the recommendations of the committee chaired by Dean R&D. If the University cancels the registration of a scholar due to any of the above reasons or any other reason and then the scholar would like to re-register, the University may allow for re-registration based on the DRC recommendations.

    The Thesis shall report, in an organized and scholarly fashion, an account of the original research work of the candidate leading to the discovery of new facts or techniques or correlation of facts already known (analytical, experimental etc.) and demonstrating a quality as to make a definite contribution to the advancement of knowledge and the candidate's ability to undertake independent research and present the findings in an appropriate manner with actual accomplishments of the work, plainly stated and honestly appraised.

    13.1 The Requirement for Submission of Thesis

    The criterion, for submission of thesis is as follows:

    1. The scholar should have passed the Pre-Ph.D. examinations.
    2. The scholar should have completed at least three RRMs with satisfactory results.
    3. The scholar should have published at least three research papers after the date of registration for Ph.D. in refereed journals (like Scopus/ SCI/ ACM/ IEEE/ ASME/Web of Science/etc..) related to his or her Ph.D. work and should be approved in respective DRC.
    Pre-submission seminars
    1. A scholar who has fulfilled the above criterion (mentioned in 13.1) can apply for the Pre-submission seminar to Dean R&D.
    2. The scholar should submit the prescribed form through the research supervisor dully filled along with four hard copies of the synopsis.
    3. The Dean R&D will forward the application to convener DRC, to convene a Pre- submission seminar in the department.
    4. The convener DRC will issue a circular regarding the conduction of the Pre- submission seminar and will organize the Pre-submission seminar. The scholar should present the draft thesis, during Pre-submission seminar.
    5. The DRC shall forward the review recommendation of the Pre-submission seminar to the Dean R&D.
    13.3 Plagiarism Check

    After getting the clearance from the DRC on Pre-submission seminar, the scholar is permitted for plagiarism check.

    1. The scholar has to submit the soft copy of the thesis, for Plagiarism check to the Dean R&D within three months.
    2. The Dean R&D shall issue a Plagiarism report on the originality of the submitted work, stating that the similarity index is in accordance with UGC norms.
    13.4 Submission of Thesis

    After obtaining successful Plagiarism report on the originality of the Ph.D. thesis, from the Dean R&D, the scholar is permitted for submission of the thesis, as per the following:

    1. While submitting for evaluation, the thesis shall have an undertaking from the research scholar and a certificate from the research supervisor attesting to the originality of the work, vouching that there is no plagiarism and that the work has not been submitted for the award of any other degree/diploma of the same Institution where the work was carried out, or to any other Institution.
    2. The scholar must submit no due certificate in a prescribed format.
    3. The scholar should submit six hard copies of the thesis and synopsis, one soft copy of the synopsis, and the thesis, within 30 days of plagiarism report to the Dean R&D. The thesis contents submitted must be the same with the contents of the softcopy submitted for Plagiarism check.
    4. The supervisor should submit the panel of Examiners/ Adjudicators of the thesis, duly signed by him/her, in a sealed cover to Dean R&D. The same will be forwarded to the Dean Examination.
    14.1 Panel of Examiners/ Adjudicators of the Thesis

    The panel of examiners/ adjudicators has to be submitted by the research supervisor in a sealed cover to Dean R&D. The research supervisor should submit a panel of nine examiners (at the rank of Professors/ Associate Professors) who are well versed with area of the research, out of which three adjudicators from Universities and six examiners from the IIT/ IISc /Central Universities/ NIT / IIIT/ National Research Labs or any other reputed, specialized Institutions/ Universities along with the present designation, area of specialization, cell number and email id, complete postal address, in a sealed cover. Out of Nine adjudicators, a maximum of three can be within the state of Telangana. The thesis will be referred to three examiners appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.

    1. Three independent examiners/ adjudicators shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor for the evaluation/ adjudication of the thesis.
    2. The Dean Examinations will communicate with the examiner, along with a copy of the synopsis of the thesis and seek his/her willingness to adjudicate it. After obtaining the examiner's consent, a soft / hard copy of the thesis will be sent with a request to submit his/her report in a prescribed format. The format consists of two parts.
    3. Part-1: A Detailed Evaluation report.

      Part-2: A Final Recommendation: As a final recommendation, the examiner has to state in clear/ unequivocal terms, his/her opinion in one of the following way:

      1. The thesis can be accepted for the award of Ph.D. degree in its present form.
      2. The thesis is accepted subject to revision/corrections suggested and be verified by the research supervisor.
      3. The thesis is revised/resubmitted for re-evaluation by the same examiner.
      4. The thesis is rejected.
    4. In the event of an examiners report not received even after three months from the date of submission, the thesis may be referred to a fourth examiner from the same panel for Adjudication after getting approval from Vice Chancellor.
    5. After all the three reports are received from adjudicators; the Dean Examination will forward it to Dean R&D for the further action.
    6. The Dean R&D after receiving the three reports will take necessary action as per the following guidelines:

      1. If the reports of all the three examiners are favorable (i.e., accepting the thesis as it is), the candidate is permitted to take the Ph.D. Viva-Voce examination.
      2. If anyone / two /three of the examiners suggest a revision, the thesis shall be revised accordingly and resubmitted for approval to the same examiner(s).
      3. If two or all three examiners reject the thesis, it will be rejected for the award of a Ph.D. degree and the candidate's registration shall stand cancelled.
      4. If one of the examiners rejects the thesis, the thesis shall be sent to another examiner from the existing panel of examiners approved by the Vice-Chancellor. If this examiner also rejects the thesis, the thesis is deemed to be rejected, and registration of the candidate shall stand cancelled.
    7. Minor corrections suggested by the examiner(s) shall be intimated to the research supervisor of the candidate by the Dean R&D before the conduct of the Ph.D. Viva- Voce examination. These corrections must be carried out by the scholar with the approval of supervisor and two hard copies and one soft copy of the thesis to be submitted to the Dean R&D.

    16.1.The Ph.D. Viva-Voce examination of the candidate is conducted only after all the three examiners recommend the award of Ph.D., Degree. The Dean R&D, instructs the supervisor, to fix the Ph.D. Viva-Voce examination date by contacting the Board of examiners and respective Head of the department. The Head of the department should conduct the Ph.D. Viva-Voce examination in the department.

    16.2.The Viva-Voce examination is open to all PG students, research scholars’ and faculty of the University. The head of the department should send a circular to all the departments to display on the notice boards the date and time of the Viva-Voce examination.

    16.3.The reports of the external adjudicators shall be made available to the supervisor before the Viva-Voce examination.

    The Board of examiners of Viva-Voce comprises the following members:

    1. Chairperson DRC - Chairperson
    2. Head of the Department - Convener
    3. One of the Adjudicators, who has adjudicated the thesis, appointed by the VC, as a member
    4. Supervisor- Member (if supervisor is not available the Co-Super visor can act as a Member).

    16.4The Viva-Voce is primarily designed to test the scholar's depth of knowledge on the subject matter of the thesis, including methodology adopted and the scholar's competence in defending his/her thesis to explain the observations made in the field of study.

    16.5The scholar has to address the clarifications sought by the external adjudicators through their reports during viva-voce.

    16.6.The Chairperson after consulting the Board of examiners of Viva -Voce declares: (a) The scholar has successfully completed the Ph.D. Viva-Voce and may be awarded the Ph.D. Degree; OR (b) The scholar is asked to take the Viva-Voce examination a second time giving reasons thereof. The same examiners shall conduct the second Viva-Voce examination, not earlier than one month but not later than six months of the date of the first Viva-Voce examination. The Dean R&D and the Dean concerned school shall participate in the second Viva-Voce examination, and record his/her observations and send it directly to the Vice-Chancellor.


    17.1.After completion of the Viva-Voce examination, the reports of the thesis examiners and the report of the Viva-Voce Board of examiners shall be immediately sent to the Dean Research and Development.

    17.2 The scholar should submit of two hardbound copies of the thesis and one soft copies of the thesis to the Dean Research and Development.

    17.3Upon successful completion of Viva-Voce, the Vice-Chancellor may approve the notification of the award of the provisional Ph.D. degree to the Scholar. The award of the degree will be confirmed by the Board of Management (BOM).

    17.4A press note will be issued from the university declaring the award of the thesis.

    17.5A soft copy of the thesis shall be sent to the UGC, New Delhi, within 30 days of award of the Ph.D. degree for hosting the same in INFLIBNET, accessible to all Indian Universities / Institutions. Another soft copy is to be sent for hosting the thesis in the AU website. The Dean of Examinations declares the candidate's Ph. D. result.


    Application fee, registration fee, the tuition fee, fee for recognition of degrees of other Universities, annual research fee for an extension of time and fee for submission of synopsis & thesis shall be payable by the scholar as prescribed by Anurag University from time to time. The scholar should pay the fees at the beginning of the academic year. The scholar is not permitted to attend RRMs, write Pre-Ph.D. exams, appear for pre-submission seminars, and submit the thesis without clearing the required fees dues if any.


    An approved thesis may be published in full as a book or in parts only with the permission of Anurag University with due acknowledgment. (Vide Declaration form in the prescribed format).

    1. The scholars who could not submit their Ph.D. thesis within the prescribed maximum duration (including permissible extensions) can apply for re-registration. The scholar should apply for re-registration to Dean R&D, providing appropriate reasons for the non- completion of the thesis within the prescribed period. The Vice-Chancellor may approve the request for re-registration considering the merit of such a request.
    2. A candidate can re-register under the same Supervisor or under a fresh supervisor of the University. The re-registered candidate will be provided a maximum period of 2 years to submit the thesis. For re-registered candidates who change the area of research, the required period would be similar to that of freshly registered candidates.
    3. The candidates will pay a prescribed fee for Re-registration. Regulations and fees in force will govern the re-registered scholars. These candidates are not eligible for any further extensions, and their registration will be canceled after the end of the prescribed duration of re-registration.

    In all other matters not explicitly covered under these regulations, the Vice-Chancellor decision is final.

    • These Ph.D. regulations shall come into effect from the academic year 2020-2021.