World CanSat/Rocketry Championship (WCRC) World finals was held in Novi Sad, Serbia during 25th September to 27th September 2022 (25th – launch, 26th – presentation and 27th – results declaration). The competition was in association with ITCA’s Indo-Serbia Co-operation, Space Association of Southeast Europe (SESA), Indo-SESA Satellite (

In this competition, there were entries from 62 Countries. Out of which 15 Countries were qualified in which 4 Teams from India competed. We are proud to inform that 2 teams from Anurag University (KalamSat and Athreya) have participated in the competition and won the “Global Special Jury Award”.

The organizers headed by Mr. Dusan Radosavljevic (Head of the Committee for Space Programme Development (CSPD), Republic of Serbia) have especially appreciated the effort of both the teams and was promised to support us in patent/journal publications.

The details of both teams are as follows:

Team – 1

Name: KalamSat
Leader: S. Shiva Rama Krishna (20H65A0208) – EEE IV Year
1. V. Kirthi Vishal (19H61A0351) – ME IV Year
2. B. Manjula Naik (20H65A0410) – ECE IV Year
3. G. Madhu (19H61A0478) – ECE IV Year
4. P. Naveen Kumar (19H61A1295) – IT IV Year

Team – 2

Name: Athreya
Leader: S. Shelsi (19H61A05A0) – CSE IV Year
1. Ramya Reddy (20EG104319) – ECE III Year
2. L. Vinushna (20H65A0132) – CIVIL IV Year
3. V. Sakshi (19H61A0139) – CIVIL IV Year
4. Suzzane (20EG105625) – CSE III Year
Before Competition

After Competition