THE CVSRCSI chapter organized a workshop on “WEB DESIGNING” from 22nd to 24th Aug 2013. This workshop was conducted in collaboration with zeta interactive system by Y. Chandramohan Reddy for the 2nd year students of CSE.

Profile of trainer:

Mr. Y.Chandramohan Reddy has more than three years of experience in web designing presently working in zeta interactive systems as software engineer.

The workshop main objectives:

  • To understand the basic concepts for creating website.
  • To be able to create a simple web site
  • To have knowledge for updating information on the web site.

Activities included both formal presentations and practical work

The First session was conducted on 22nd Aug 2013 this session emphasised on the basics of Web Designing and enlightened the students with various terminologies involved in Web Designing.

The Second session was covered basics of HTML and CSS .

The Third session was conducted on 23rd Aug 2013 this session covered various Client Side scripting languages such as JAVA SCRIPTS, jquery.

The fourth session discussed on server side scripting PHP.

The fifth session was conducted on 24th Aug 2013 this session covered web standards, hosting the website

2nd year of CSE students had attended the workshop. Total 120 members attended. He explained excellently and simultaneously practical session was conducted.

All the sessions were presented in an excellent and in a pleasant way.The workshop ended on 24th Aug 2013