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The objectives of the Anurag Alumni Association are to:

  1. Foster and Promote relations between the Institution and the Alumni.
  2. Retain the close relationship between alumni themselves and with the faculty of AGI (Anurag University) together and weave the old memories.
  3. Bring the sense of belongingness among alumni by regularly updating them with the information about the Institution and keeping in contact.
  4. Get valuable advice and suggestions from the alumni association regarding the latest technologies and their applications in the present industries there by, building a concrete academic Structure for young graduate Engineers.
  5. Organize career guidance sessions by alumni to provide their rich experience and also encourage the next Generation of students to follow their roadmaps for successful careers.
  6. Utilize their guidance for future endeavors for providing employment to outgoing students in reputed organizations/Industries.
  7. Maintain a database of entire alumni (higher studies, employer details) who are settled overseas and pan India.

Our Alumni

Making it great, on the world stage.

Our alumni, the trailblazers of tomorrow, carry the torch of innovation beyond our walls, shaping industries and leaving an indelible mark on the world. With their unwavering spirit, they illuminate the path for future generations.
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