Why Anurag University

Why Anurag University

Anurag University is a Private State University located in Hyderabad, Telangana. Our primary focus is to provide a high-quality education in Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral programs of Engineering, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Science, Management and Liberal arts. Good education makes you competent. At Anurag, we believe that good education is just the beginning. We believe every student is capable of a lot more. We believe in helping you realize that potential. So, you are not just ready for the future, you are ready to make an impact on it.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Extra-Curricular Activities

Industry Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC)

In view of the present need of placing Engineering students in core companies and understand the Industry requirements, Industry Institute Interaction Cell was established in the year 2016 with an agenda of introducing Novel Technologies and unique Methodologies to the student graduates. To mainly achieve this objective and to nurture and produce Engineering Graduates who can be globally employable, the university has signed MOUs with a variety of Industries in sectors like Software, Manufacturing, Automation, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas etc. Many of these companies are OEMs and pioneers in the technologies they use. The university is successful in bridging the gap between the Industry and Institution and continuing to succeed in bringing the ultimate outcome in engineering education.

To name a few companies who signed MOU with the University

JK Fenner

Thyssen Krupp

Think Notch Solutions

AMS Semi Conductors





Dynatech Industries

Smart Bridge

Sai Deepa Rock Drills

Re Energy


NCL alltech sec-color

BHS Sonthefen

Activities under IIIC

  • To facilitate joint research work, consultancy involving faculty and students.
  • To seek and associate experts from industry in curriculum development and review.
  • To identify and facilitate Guest Lectures, Interactive Workshops,Seminars,Brain Storming Sessions,Technical Discussions etc. with members of the Industry.
  • To conduct Industrial Training, Orientation Courses, Industrial Visits etc for faculty and students at regular intervals.
  • To conduct industrial exhibitions to highlight research facilities and expertise available with the Institution.

Deliverables of IIIC

IIIC will be responsible for the following deliverables

  • Increase in collaboration with industry
  • Increased rate of campus placement of students in core disciplines
  • Absorption of students by same industries providing industrial training
  • Increase in revenue by collaborating with industry
  • Increase in industrial training and internships for students in Industry
  • Increase in utilization of college resources by industry


1 2023-2024 1300+
2 2022-2023 1200+
3 2021-2022 2000+
4 2020-2021 700+
5 2019-2020 1000+


1 Mini/Major Projects 250
2 Guests Lectures 10
3 Internships 235 (63 paid and 127 unpaid)
4 Placements 214

144 MOU's

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