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Programs Offered in School of Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering is an advanced post graduate program in engineering and technology.


Building a strong foundation for future research, the coursework includes mastery in critical core concepts along with structured electives on emerging industries like gaming.


While the first two semesters are focused on strengthening basics in Advanced Algorithms, Computer Networking and Programming, the last two semesters are exclusively dedicated to project work.


The specially designed course at Anurag University includes the most advanced subjects in Computer Science and Engineering. Anurag University graduates bag jobs in various sectors including software, machine learning, data science and even in research.


Jobs You Could Potentially Work At After Graduation


Graduating with M. Tech Computer Science and Engineering from a top engineering college like ours will help you get jobs like Database Administrator, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Network Architect, Web Developer, Project Manager, Computer Science Blogger, Content Developer and more.

M.Tech in Structural Engineering is a two-year post graduate program. The specialized branch of civil engineering deals with the general safety, structural design, stability, general safety and reliability of a construction.


The carefully curated course at Anurag University is especially helpful for those passionate about the construction industry. Some critical topics covered through the course are foundation and concrete technology, smart structures, corrosion engineering

and composite structures.


Aside from strong theoretical coursework, the curriculum also allows for frequent and interesting industry visits. Anurag university students learn from the best faculty in Telangana and are able to secure well-paying jobs after their graduation.


Jobs You Could Potentially Work At After Graduation


Graduating from the best engineering college with M.Tech Structural Engineering will help you get placed in sectors like Engineering Consultancies, Oil Companies, Railway Operations, Civil Engineering Contractors, Public Utility Companies, The Civil Service, The Armed Forces and more.

VLSI system design focuses on designing complex integrated circuits by combining millions of transistors into a single chip.


At Anurag University, we have designed VLSI System Design as a Post Graduate programme that trains you to improve the economic productivity and overall quality of life through skilled technical knowledge of industrial and consumer electronics.


As one of the best engineering colleges in Hyderabad, we ensure an ideal student-faculty ratio and state-of-the-art lab infrastructure. Your course is guided by some of the best experts in the industry through regular expert masterclasses and industry visits.


VLSI System Design graduates are in high demand - creating jobs like designers, analysts, developers, manufacturing, testing and marketing engineers as well as managers every year.


Jobs You Could Potentially Work At After Graduation


Graduating with a M.Tech VLSI System Design from Anurag University will help you get jobs like Design Engineer, Verification Engineer, Physical Design Engineer, STA Engineer, DFT Engineer, Validation Engineer and more.

M.Tech. in Embedded Systems is a four-semester long course spread over two years. The unique learning program is designed for engineers aspiring to work in the Embedded Systems industry.


Anurag University students gain knowledge in state-of-the-art theories and tools through our well-equipped laboratories under the guidance of competent faculty.


Extra emphasis is laid on core skills like Embedded control, Model-based design and Verification, Real-time systems, Chip Design, Processor Architecture, and implementation of Embedded Systems.


Post-graduation, Anurag University students are ready to take on jobs in various industries like avionics, medical, processor design, consumer electronics, automotives and even defence.

Jobs You Could Potentially Work At After Graduation

Graduating with M. Tech Embedded Systems from the best engineering college in Hyderabad, you can get a job like System Firmware Engineer, Require Test Manager, Wireless MAC, Firmware Embedded Developer, Embedded Design Engineer and more.

M.Tech in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives is a comprehensive postgraduate course that touches on applied knowledge of technologies like power semiconductor devices, electromagnetic and digital signal processors, control theory, and energy technology.

As one of the top engineering colleges in Telangana, we take immense care in creating industry-relevant courses at Anurag University.


The courses focus on both technical applications of core Power Electronics and Electrical Drives concepts combined with real-life engineering applications.


The hands-on faculty at Anurag University along with a research-friendly campus environment helps foster highly skilled M.Tech graduates.

Jobs You Could Potentially Work At After Graduation

Anurag University is the best college for engineering and graduating with M. Tech Power Electronics & Electrical Drives will help you to get job profiles like Electrical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, System Developer ,Network Engineer, Control and Instrumentation Engineer, IT Consultant, Manufacturing Systems Engineer, System Analyst and more.

The two-year M.Tech programme in Machine Design focuses on studying various materials that are required for designing mechanical elements.


The carefully designed course by industry experts touches upon the behaviour of systems and materials systems in plastic and elastic ranges. Additionally, failure mechanisms and modes in static and dynamic conditions.


As students of the top private university in Hyderabad, Anurag University graduates are trained in taking up skill-intensive projects that apply practical knowledge of Machine Design, preparing them for any career path they wish to take.


The strong foundation in technical knowledge helps our students in pursuing a career in the field, or research further. 


Jobs You Could Potentially Work At After Graduation


Anurag College is the best engineering college for M.Tech Machine Design with job prospects like Electrical Engineer, Project Leader, Machine Operator, Design Engineer, Machine Engineer and more.

With the world increasingly going online, data of both common individuals and governments are equally vulnerable to breaches. Cyber Security is a field that ensures the safety and security of sensitive information.


M.Tech in Cyber Security is a two-year post graduate programme that focuses on the advanced study of Cyber Security methodologies and their applications in real life.


At Anurag University, our students are introduced to advanced technologies that are used to secure networks and infra, IoT, cloud, blockchain, cyber threats and web communication.


The unique course structure created by industry experts prepares highly skilled cyber security professionals who can handle the real-life difficulties in the cyber security domain.


Jobs You Could Potentially Work At After Graduation


Graduating from the top engineering college like Anurag University with M.Tech Cyber Security will help you to get jobs like Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Security Architect, Security Administrator, Security Software Developer, Cryptographer, Cryptanalyst, Security Consultant and more.

Artificial Intelligence is set to become one of the most fetching industries to work in, considering the increasing trend of automating mundane everyday work.


Irrespective of which industry our students wish to work in, the course carefully designed by Anurag University’s expert board helps build a strong foundation for further research or employment.


The course gives students expertise in a myriad of areas including Algorithm Analysis and Design, Artificial Intelligence Foundations, Modern Computer Architecture, Data Science and Machine Learning.


Various electives touch upon various fields of AI like Video/Image Analytics, Robotics and IoT. Through diverse teaching both in-classroom and through projects, Anurag University graduates are competent to shine in any industry.


Jobs You Could Potentially Work At After Graduation


Graduating with M. Tech Artificial Intelligence from Anurag University will open up job opportunities like Date Scientist, Electronics Engineer, Java Developer, Project Manager, Strategy Analyst and more.

It is said that nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. All this data remains highly unstructured and disorganised.

Data science and its applications can help process the massive amounts of data we generate through effective algorithms.


Through well-defined structures and patterns, data science helps predict the possible outcomes and predictions in any field through valid proofs. This helps businesses make ethical and profitable decisions everyday.

At Anurag University, we aid our highly competent students become excellent data scientists through a rigorous, yet interesting course framework. Our study council’s carefully designed courses coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure help produce graduates ready to take  on the Data Science world.

Jobs You Could Potentially Work At After Graduation


Getting a Masters in Data Sciences from Hyderabad’s best engineering college will help you to get jobs like, IT Analyst, Software Programmer, Software Designer, Database Administrator, Technical Analyst, Network Administrator, and more.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

A minimum of 50% aggregate marks in appropriate branch of Engineering/Technology Based on a merit rank in the Anurag CET Based on a merit rank in the State Common Entrance Test- TSPGECET conducted by the Govt. of Telangana For more details Based on the merit in GATE Ranks/ Marks secured in Qualifying Exam

School of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) is a 3-year professional post-graduate course, equivalent to MD(Doctor of Medicine).


Hyderabad's top pharmacy college, Anurag University, has designed an intensive course, divided into two phases including 1 compulsory year of residency or internship as well. The first phase includes theoretical study, and the second includes a residency/ internship program to be completed by enrolled students.


During the internship, the students learn advanced lessons in clinical pharmacy services or pharmacy practice on the latest concepts of technological advancement in the industry.


The benefits of graduating from the best pharmacy college in Hyderabad is that you can bag a job as a Clinical Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacy Director, Pharmaceutical Advisor, Drug Safety Associate, and many more!

Masters in Pharmaceutics (M. Pharm) teaches you the skills and precision to formulate safe and effective medication.


At 76-100 All India Rank Band in Pharmacy in National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2019, Anurag University is the top pharmacy college in Hyderabad.


Our two-year course in Pharmaceutics focuses on drug design, testing, and development along with innovating drug delivery and disposition systems. The department focuses on unique concepts to develop skillful processes or techniques for designing and delivering various kinds of drugs and promotes advancement in the health sector.


As the best pharmacy college in Hyderabad, our department has a rich tradition of innovation and also gives students the opportunity to conduct their own research.

Pharmacology is the study of the effects and reactions of various drugs on living systems. Masters in Pharmacology (M. Pharm) teaches you the interactions of drugs with body cells and the responses they generate.


Our School of Pharmacy is approved by CPCSEA and our two-year course is a balanced combination of theoretical knowledge with practical training in research, testing, and analysis of drug effects, interactions, and reactions making us one of the best pharmacy colleges in Hyderabad.


As this course is intensive on research and focuses on the latest advancement in the health sector, graduating from a top pharmacy university as Anurag University helps you bag roles as a scientist or research assistant in the Healthcare, Biotechnology, and Food industry.

Industrial Pharmacists are involved in the development and marketing of safe medication along with drug tests and clinical trials.


Our two-year postgraduate course in Industrial Pharmacy is designed in close relation with engineering and economics to enable our students with practical knowledge of the industry.


The course curriculum is structured to teach our students the manufacturing, development as well as distribution of drug products. Being the best pharmacy college in Hyderabad, our course is inclusive of the latest in-field developments and focuses on research technology that builds the future of medicine.


Industrial Pharmacy Postgraduates from Anurag University's top pharmacy college can bag job roles in the fields of Research & Development, Marketing, Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Operations.

Pharmaceutical Analysis is a branch of pure chemistry that is heavy on research and analysis. It involves the identification, separation, purification, and quantification of drugs and their components.


Anurag University has been awarded the Top Performing College Award for the years 2013 and 2015 by IBM and our graduates from M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis excel in the fields of Research & Development, Clinical Management, Manufacturing, and Marketing.


As the top pharmacy college in Telangana, Anurag University has designed an in-depth two-year course that covers the design, operational principles, and practical applications of modern instrumental methods used in chemical analysis.


Using a combination of problem-based learning approaches, case studies, and traditional lectures, we prepare our students with the classroom as well as practical training.

A minimum of 50% aggregate marks in appropriate branch of Engineering/Technology - - - - - - - Based on a merit rank in the State Common Entrance Test- TSPGECET conducted by the Govt. of Telangana For more details Based on the merit in GPAT / marks secured in Qualifying exam

School of Management

Having a Masters in Business Administration provides your career with a competitive edge as it teaches you practical, technical and strategic skills required to grow any business.


Anurag University has been awarded the Best Performing Academy in Career Ready Courses (2019) making us the best MBA college in Hyderabad.


Our two-year MBA course is aimed at the overall development of our students and teaches them technical, managerial, and leadership skills, preparing them to be leaders of the future.


The course curriculum imparts necessary skills and makes our students future-ready in the multiple related fields of Management, Economics, Commerce, and the corporate sector, on the whole.


We are a top MBA college with placements that also help our students with recruitments and securing a job right after college.

A 3 year Bachelor Degree with at least 50% marks (45% marks in case of reserved categories) in the qualifying examination. Based on a merit rank in the State Common Entrance Test- TS ICET conducted by the Govt. of Telangana For more details Based on the marks secured in Qualifying exam

Having a Master of Computer Applications provides your career with a competitive edge as it teaches you practical, technical and strategic skills required to grow any Computer Applications.

Accreditation matters

Levels of quality varies greatly from an institution to the next. The sure way for an institution to meet the highest standard of education is by getting accredited.

140 India Rank

NAAC ‘A’ Accreditation

NBA Accreditation

UGC Autonomous

TCS Accreditation

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