Medical Center

The Health centre caters to the needs of students, staff, non-teaching staff, visiting faculty of the University and to a limited extend to the needs of the surrounding cluster of villages. The Health centre as yet does not have in-patient therapy units. University is keen on looking after the wellbeing of all our stakeholders. The Health Center offers services to all currently enrolled students and staff which is located in the ground floor of the B-Block with the following services and facilities. An expansion of the physical infrastructure of the Health centre is under way and when the work is completed, limited in-patient services will also be offered. There are three Medical Officers manning the Health centre.Services include evaluation of medical problems, treatment of short-term illnesses, psychological counseling, emergency care, immunization, Covid vaccination, and referrals to other medical facilities when indicated.

  • Services include evaluation of medical problems, psychological counseling, immunization, Covid vaccination, and treatment of short-term illnesses
  • Observation Beds, Consultation Beds, Pharmacy
  • Equipped with First-aid equipment, BP Apparatus, Emergency Medicines etc.
  • The Consultation, Treatment & Medicines including Lab Investigations are carried out free of cost for all Students and Staff.
  • Registered nurses are on staff and physicians have scheduled hours by appointment.
  • 330 Bedded Hospital
  • Upcoming 1000 bedded super-specality Hospital
  • 24X7 Emergency services
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