Insurance Services for Students

Taking new steps. It’s part of growing up. When you’re a college student, the steps may seem to get bigger by the minute. Our university helps students and faculty with curated health insurance plan to safeguard their future. Insurance facility is available in the University for the students, faculty members and staff.The Health Insurance Plan (HIP) is an integral part of the university’s efforts to promote the well-being of our students and staff.

The University offers a health insurance plan to all Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Ph. D students and staff.  Students are not charged for student health insurance whereas staff has to pay 50% of premium. Insurance coverage must be effective from the first day of classes until the final day of the terminal semester.Health insurance helps cover the cost of medical treatment, doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and other health-related expenses. Colleges typically require students to either enroll in a student health insurance plan or prove that they are already insured through a different plan.

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