Funded Projects

The following research centers were established

Investigator Department Title Year Of Sanction Sanctioned Project Amount Funding Agency Status
PI: Dr. Narendhar Singh ECE “To empower sustainable development for Scheduled Tribe community of Dupahad cluster, Suryapet District, State Telangana. 2022 11.03.2022 Rs. 87,18,465 /- DST-SEED Initiated
PI: Dr. Laxmi Ramana VSV English SPICES- Literaze Club 2021 05-03-2021 Rs. 1,00,000/- AICTE Initiated
PI:Dr. Jagatram Bhavani Vasudha Pharmacy Combating EGFR & HER2 associated multidrug resistance with novel terazosin analogues in metastatic breast cancers: Exploring drug repurposing to fulfill an unmet need in breast cancer treatment 2021 25/06/2021 Rs. 45,89,235/- Human Resource Development (HRD)- Department of Health Research-ICMR Initiated
PI: Dr. Laxmi Ramana VSV & Co-PI: Babi Duli English Grant for Organizing Conference (GOC) 2021 Rs. 2,75,000/- AICTE Initiated
PI :Dr. Vishnu Vandana Vemur & Co-PI :Dr. C Mallesh MBA Enhancing entrepreneurial opportunities of SC Community w.r.t. Ghatkesar Mandal 2021 Rs. 30,80,515/- DST-SEED- STI Hub for ST Community Initiated
Dr. E. Srinivas Mr. P. Ramakrishna ECE 3 Days Faculty Development program on Mixed Signal VLSI Circuit Design” 2021 Rs.50,000/- JNTUH – TEQIP III Initiated
Dr. K. S. Reddy IT FDP on Internet of Things 2020 Rs.93,000/- AICTE, ATAL ACADEMY Completed
Dr. T. Anil Kumar EEE Advances in Power Electronics to Renewable Energy Systems and EMobility Applications 2020 Rs 4,48,000/- AICTE – STTP Completed
Dr. Vasudha Bakshi Pharmacy Design and Development of Nose-to-Brain Drug Delivery Systems 2020 Rs.18,00,000/- AICTE, RPS In Progress
Dr. D. Haripriya ECE AICTE-ISTE Orientation or Refresher Program on Data Science in Engineering Application 2020 Rs.3,00,000/- AICTE-ISTE, Induction/Refresher Program In Progress
Dr. Gopala Venu Madhava EEE Real-Time Simulator of MMC based Doubly Fed Induction Machine 2019 Rs.10,00,000/- AICTE- RPS In Progress
Dr. G. V. S Ananta Lakshmi English Radiance: The Centre for Enhancement of Skills, Personality, and Employability for SC/ST students 2019 Rs.16,57,533/- AICTE In Progress
Dr. Gopala Venu Madhava Electrical & Electronics Engineering 2019 Rs.10,38,000/- AICTE, RPS Initiated
Dr. G. Vishnu Murthy Computer Science & Engineering Advanced Deep Learning Techniques with Python 2019 Rs.2,00,000/- AICTE, STTP Scheme Initiated
Dr. Mukunda Vani Chemical Engineering Industrial pollution and control strategies 2019 Rs.3,00,000/- AICTE, STTP Scheme Completed
Dr. K Mamatha Business Management 2019 Rs.5,93,800/- AICTE, Prerana Scheme Initiated
Dr. G. Kiran Pharmacy Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Monocarboxylate Transport Inhibitors as Novel Anticancer Agents 2019 Rs.10,00,000/- AICTE, MODROBS Scheme Initiated
Dr. K. Shiva Reddy (Co-Principal) Mathematics 2019 Rs.2,00,000/- JNTUH TEQIP-III In Progress
Dr. K. S. Reddy Institution Implementing the Scheme to improve quality parameters of Mentee Institutions 2019 Rs. 22,00,000/- AICTE (Margdarshan) In Progress
Dr V Vishnu Vandana MBA 2019 Rs.80,000/- DST-NIMAT Completed
Dr. R.V Sudhher Kumar Physics INSPIRE INTERNSHIP/8/2018-9-22 2019 Rs.8,00,000/- DST, INSPIRE Completed
Mr. Narender Singh Electronics & Comm. Engg. Short term training program on Internet of Things 2019 Rs.9,00,000/- DST, Special Call For SC/ST On ICPS Completed
Dr. A. Prashanth Rao Information Technology Cloud Computing Lab 2018 Rs.6,32,000/- AICTE, MODROBS Scheme Completed
Dr. R. Venkat Reddy Mechanical Two Weeks Faculty Development Program on Precision Engineering and Machining Processes 2018 Rs.4,78,000/- AICTE, FDP Scheme Completed
Dr. K. S. Reddy Information Technology Machine Learning and applications 2018 Rs.3,38,000/- AICTE, STTP Scheme Completed
Mrs. V. Vishnu Vandana MBA 2016 Rs.1,30,000/- UGC Minor Research Project Completed
Dr. V. Vijaya Kumar Computer Sc. & Engg. 2016 Rs.1,30,000/- UGC Minor Research Project Completed
Mr. K. Srinivasa Chalapati Mechanical 2016 Rs.1,00,000/- SERB, Seminar Symposia Scheme Completed
Mr. Md. Sikindar Baba Mechanical 2015 Rs.3,05,000/- UGC Completed
Mr.Srinivasareddy Physics 2015 Rs. 3,10,000/- UGC Minor Research Project Completed
Dr. K. Shiva Reddy Mathematics 2014 Rs.3,00,000/- UGC Minor Research Project Completed
Dr V Srinivasa Rao Mathematics 2014 Rs.3,75,000/- UGC Minor Research Project Completed
Dr Y Dharmendar Reddy Mathematics 2014 Rs.3,00,000/- UGC Minor Research Project Completed

Dr.V.Vijaya Kumar

Dean R&D

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