Dr.G. V. S. Ananta Lakshmi

Dr.G. V. S. Ananta Lakshmi Professor & HOD

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Dr. G. V. S. Ananta Lakshmi did her PhD in American literature in 2005. Got 19 years of experience in teaching engineering students. Presently, serving Anurag University as professor and Head, Department of English.

She presented 26 papers in various national and international conferences and 18 papers were published in reputed international and national Journals.

Member of “Katherine Anne Porter society,” Mary land, U.S.A. and ‘IATEFL, and ‘ELTAI.’ and REDCROSS Society.

Received prestigious Dewang Mehta national Education awards – “women in education” award at Institute of Public Enterprises Hyderabad.

As the Chairman of Board of Studies, English at Anurag University, she designed many courses and was instrumental in initiating new labs. She is the BOS member in many other institutes like Srinivasa Ramanujan Institute of Technology(SRIT), Anantapur, A.P., Vignan Jyothi Institute of Technology, Lords Institute of Technology and Sciences

She has received AICTE funded project worth 16.57 lakhs under SPDC Scheme in April 2020.

She is guiding one Ph.D Student at present.

Research Interests

Her areas of Interest are Soft Skills, American English, ELT, TESL, CALL, Teachers’ Education, Primary Education, TBLL, Communication Skills, authoritative in interview skills.

Teaching Interests

  • Soft skills, communicational skills, life skills, employability skills, personality development, business communication, corporate communication, technical communication, fundamental language skills American English, ELT, TESL, CALL, Teachers’ Education, Primary Education, TBLL, authoritative in interview skills.etc.
  • IUCEE “ First Year Engineering Experience Cluster coordinator, AGI
  • Expert in student language projects and guided 1200 innovative projects as on date
  • Pioneer in organizing MOCK Interviews for B.Tech students with accurate methodology and assessments
  • Pioneered Pool Drive Model Interviews
  • Founder and Chair Person of AALAAP, AU Music club

Selected Publications

  1. Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal-OIIRJ, The Guide and Devdas: Bollywood Adaptations of Regional Novels and the Question of Fidelity Volume 11, Aug 2021 Special Issued, ISSN 2249-9598, PG 80-92, www.OIIRJ.org.
  2. International Journal Of Innovative Research in Technology, The Essence of Learning English in Rural Areas through Media,Paper ID : IJIRT 152566, July 2021| IJIRT | Volume 8 Issue 2 | ISSN: 2349-6002, PG No 884-887
  3. International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR) – IJRAR , English Language Certifications: Are They Required? Volume 7 | Issue 2 | May 2020, PageNo:739-742 www.ijrar.org/IJRAR19L1483
  4. International Journal Of English Language,Literature and Translation Studies, Grammar apps: best tool for acquisition of grammar, Vol 4.issue2.2017 ISSN(0)-2349-9451, ISSN(P)-2395-2628 pg 89-94

Selected Awards and Honors

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