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Associate Professor

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Dr. L.Venugopal received Doctoral degree from NIT Warangal in 2014. He has published around 15 research publications in reputed International Journals and Conferences. He has attended various programs & workshops conducted by the MHRD, NIT Warangal, National Academy of Science, MSRIT Bangalore. He served as a Principal for Diploma course for the span of two years and successfully conducted SBTET exams as a Chief Superintendent. He has highly developed qualitative and analytical research skills with a strong capacity to conduct independent research. He had set up a Composite lab in collaboration with National Aerospace Laboratories. He is also a coordinator for various academic committees.

Research Interests

Dr.L.Venugopal research interests revolve around forming and material processing. He has an idea of the deformation pattern, the failure modes and the formability limits of tubular parts.
• Metal forming
• Modeling and Simulations
• Preparation of composite materials
• Additive Manufacturing
• Design of experiments

Teaching Interests

Dr.L.Venugopal taught undergraduate classes in Engineering Mechanics, Metallurgy & Material Science, Dynamics of Machinery, Machine Tools, Heat Transfer and Finite Element Methods. He has also taught post graduate classes in Finite Element Methods, Composite Materials, Design and Analysis of Experiments.

Selected Publications

  1. Venugopal, M.J.Davidson, N.Selvaraj. Effect of Elevated Temperatures on the Formability of AA2014 Thin Walled Tube Ends. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 2013, 28, 319–323.
  2. L.Venugopal, M.J.Davidson, N.Selvaraj. Analysis of tube End Forming process using Taguchi Design of Experiments, Usak University journal of Material Science, 2012, 137 – 145.
  3. L.Venugopal, M.J.Davidson, N.Selvaraj. FEM Based Simulation Studies on Tube End Expansion of AA 6061 Tubes – International Journal of Advanced Engineering & Application (IJAEA), 2011, 232-234.
  4. L.Venugopal, M.J.Davidson, N.Selvaraj. Experimental Investigation to study Energy Absorption Behavior of AA6061 Tubes – ICAESM, 2012, 422-428. IEEE Conference.
  5. L.Venugopal, M.J.Davidson, N.Selvaraj. Experimental Investigation on Tube End Expansion Studies of AA6061 Tubes – International conference on recent innovations in technology (ICRIT), 2012, 12-14,228-232.
  6. P Geeta Krishna, L Venugopal, T Ram Prabhu. Experimental Investigation of Failures in Redrawing of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy at Warm Conditions – International Conference on Advancements in Aeromechanical Materials for Manufacturing (ICAAMM-2016), Materials Today Proceedings,2017,4,8478-8485.
  7. Venugopal, L.,Geeta Krishna, P.,Ravikanth, T.N. Experimental investigation on hemp and sandwich fiber composites for delamination during drilling operation- International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology,2017, 8,166-171.
  8. Praveen, L.,Venugopal, L.,Monica, T.,Kumar, C.L.,Reddy, K.R.S. Design and analysis of two different modified trucks using CFD- International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology, 2017, 8,601-612.
  9. L.Praveen, L Venugopal, T Ram Prabhu, P Geeta Krishna. Effects of pulse ON and OFF time and electrode types on the material removal rate and tool wear rate of the
    Ti-6Al-4V Alloy using EDM machining with reverse polarity. ICRAMMCE-2017.
  10. L Venugopal, N E C Prasad, P Geeta Krishna, L Praveen. Simulation Studies on Tube End Expansion of AA2014 Alloy Tubes. ICRAMMCE-2017.
  11. L. Venugopal. Design and Modeling Studies of Tube End Expansion Using Response Surface Methodology. International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development, 2017, 8(1), 173-180.

Selected Awards and Honors

External Profile Links

  • 2009 – 2014 Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Warangal Doctoral Thesis: High Temperature Formability of Aluminium AA2014 Thin Walled Tube Ends.
  • 2007 – 2009 Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Warangal Master’s Thesis: Preparation & Experimental Study of Drilling of Composite Materials
  • 2002 – 2006 Department of Mechanical Engineering Dr.V.R.K. College of Engg&Tech
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