Dr. Maheepathi Srinivas Rao

Assistant professor

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Dr. Maheepathi Srinivas Rao is an eminent public speaker and has groomed many students, adults and teachers – the finer nuances of public speaking. Dr. Maheepathi Srinivas Rao has completed his education in various interdisciplinary domains, giving him a holistic approach to education and knowledge. He has a post graduate degree in English (M.A), an MBA in HR and Finance, Maters in Counseling and Psychotherapy (M.S.CP), Masters in Public Relations (M.S.PR), Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (PGDELT), and the most honorable, a PhD in English anguage Teaching.

Research Interests

Soft Skills,
Employability skills,
Reading skills,
Teaching skills.

Teaching Interests

Public Speaking,
Soft Skills,
Counselling Skills.

Selected Publications

  1. Speak to reach Peaks Book on Public Speaking Skills,ISBN 978-93-88435-51-2.
  2. Words and Pictures: Understanding the Principles of Multimedia Learning.

Selected Awards and Honors


  • M. A
  • M. B. A
  • M. S. C. P
  • M. S. P. R
  • P. G. D. E. L. T
  • Ph. D

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