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Dr P Nagaraju Mandadi received his Bachelor of Technology (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) from S.V,University in 2001, Master of Technology (Power Systems Enhanced with High Voltage Engineering) from JNTUK (Deemed to be University), Kakinada in 2005 and Ph.D From JNTUH,Hyderabad in 2013. He published more than 27 papers in reputed journals and conferences. Currently he is working as Associate Professor in Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Anurag University Hyderabad. His area of Interest are Power Systems, Smart Grids, Electric Vehicles, Power Quality and FACTS Devices. He is a member of professional bodies like MISTE. He has good experience in organizing university programs and other outreach events that help promote learning and support the community.

Research Interests

  1. Power Systems
  2. Smart Grids
  3. Renewable Energy Systems
  4. Electric Vehicles

Teaching Interests

  • Power System Analysis
  • Power System Operation and Control
  • Power System Stability and Dynamics
  • Network Analysis
  • Advanced Control Systems
  • Electrical Machines

Selected Publications

  1. Kadaverugu SaiTeja , Dr. P. Nagaraju Mandadi , Dr. T. Anil Kumar AC/AC Modular Multilevel Converter Using HF Transformer Based on PSO Optimized PI Control Strategy, NeuroQuantology, December 2022 | Volume 20 | Issue 20 | Page 1084-1097
  2. N. Balavenkata Muni, Dr.P. Nagaraju Mandadi Dr. S.Sasikumar, Transient StabilityEnhancement of PV/Wind/Grid Connected Hybrid Network by Fuzzy based Thyrister Midpoint DBFCL. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control Systems (IJRAR), Vol. 11, 01-special Issue, February 2019.
  3. N.Balavenkata Muni,S.Sasikumar and P.Nagaraju Mandadi Fault analysis and TransientStability Improvement using RFCLs in Power transmission Systems. International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR), Vol. 6(1), January 2019.
  4. S. Sakunthala, R. Kiranmayi and P. Nagaraju Mandadi, Soft Computing Techniques and Applications in Electrical Drives, Fuzzy logic and Genetic Algorithm, Helix Vol. 8(2), PP: 3285-3289,ISSN 2319-5592(Online) Feb 2018.
  5. N.Balavenkata Muni,S.Sasikumar and P.Nagaraju Mandadi, Improved Fault blocking capabilitystrategy using Reverse Blocking Modular multilevel converters. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical & Control Systems (IJRAR), Vol. 10, 06- Special Issue, May 2018.
  6. N. Balavenkata Muni, S. Sasikumar and P. Nagaraju Mandadi, Improvement of voltage stability and current limiting strategy for VSC-HVDC Systems using adaptive controllers. Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, Vol. 5(4), April 2018.
  7. S. Sakunthala, R. Kiranmayi and P. Nagaraju Mandadi, A Simulation platform for Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor Drives: Matlab/Simulink Simulation. I-manager’s Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol. 11(1), PP: 34-40, Sep 2017.
  8. R. Siva and P. Nagaraju Mandadi, interfacing solar PV and battery storage system to grid using three level NPC inverter with advanced control scheme. International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Vol. 7(1), PP: 226-236, 2015.
  9. G. Himabindu and P. Nagaraju Mandadi, Design and Modelling of Induction Generator Wind Power Systems using MATLAB/SIMULINK. International Journal of Advanced research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation engineering, Vol. 3(8), PP: 11472-11478, 2014.
  10. G. Himabindu and P. Nagaraju Mandadi, Performances Comparison of SCIG, DFIG and DFIG controlled in Single sided Grid Connection for Wind Turbines. International Journal of Science,Engineering Technology and Research, Vol. 3(23), PP: 4543-4549, 2014.
  11. P. Nagaraju Mandadi and K. Dhanvanthri, Application of Matlab/Simulink for the Analysis of Multi-Machine Transient Stability of a Power System. International Review on Modelling and Simulations, Vol. 4(5), PP: 2494-2501, 2011.
  12. P. Nagaraju Mandadi and K. Dhanvanthri, Design of TCSC for Improvement of Transient Stability of a Power System. International Review on Modelling and Simulations, Vol. 4(6), PP:3175-3179, 2011.

Selected Awards and Honors

Awarded Best Research Paper Presentation in International Conference on Machine Intelligence Application to Power, Signal Processing, Communication and ControlOrganized by GMRIT, Rajam.


External Profile Links

Ph.D : Electrical Power Systems, 2013, (Awarded), JNT University, Hyderabad, AP, India.
M.Tech : EPS (HVE), 2003–2005, Distinction, JNT University, Kakinada, AP, India.
B.Tech : EEE, 1997 –2001, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, AP, India.
Diploma: EEE, 1991 –1995, First Class, S.V. Govt.Polytechnic, Tirupati, AP, India.

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