Dr. Radhika K. S

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Radhika K.S. received a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) from JJ. College of Engineering & Technology, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, Master of Science by research from National Institute of Technology Trichy, Tamil Nadu in the year 2013 and PhD in Civil Engineering fromNational Institute of Technology Warangal, Telangana in the year 2020. She has two years of teaching experience in Anna University affiliated Engineering college and one year of adhoc faculty experiencein National Institute of Technology Warangal. Currently working as Assistant Professor in Anurag University since 2020.

Research Interests

Structural health monitoring,
Fiber reinforced concrete,
Damage assessment of reinforced concrete beams and Retrofitting structures.

Teaching Interests

UG: Solid mechanics – I, Solid mechanics – II, Strength of materials, Structural Analysis, Design of RC structures.
PG: Advanced RC structures, Advanced structural Analysis.

Selected Publications

  1. Radhika Sridhar, Ravi Prasad (2019), “Damage assessment of functionally graded concrete beam using hybrid fiber reinforced engineered cementitious composites”, Structures Journal, Elsevier, Vol. 20, pp. 832-847, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.istruc.2019.07.002.
  2. Radhika Sridhar, Ravi Prasad (2019), “Damage assessment of RC beams strengthened with hybrid fibers”, Advances in concrete construction, Techno Press, Vol. 8 (1), pp. 9-19, DOI: https://doi.org/10.12989/acc.2019.8.1.009.
  3. Radhika Sridhar, Ravi Prasad (2019), “Study on mechanical properties of hybrid fiber reinforced engineered cementitious composites”, Revistaromana de materiale, Vol. 49 (3), pp. 424-433.
  4. Radhika Sridhar, Ravi Prasad (2019), “Damage evaluation of functionally graded reinforced concrete beams with composite layers”, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers Structures and Buildings, Vol. 173 (3), pp. 1-17, https://doi.org/10.1680/jstbu.18.00213.
  5. Radhika Sridhar, Ravi Prasad (2019), ““Static and dynamic response of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with steel and polypropylene fibers”, Slovak journal of civil engineering, Vol. 27(3), pp. 44-54, DOI: https://10.2478/sjce-2019-0021.
  6. Radhika Sridhar, Ravi Prasad (2019), “Experimental and numerical study on damage evaluation of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete”, Asian journal of civil engineering, Springer, Vol. 20(5), pp. 745-758. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s42107-019-00141-1, ISSN: 1563-0854.
  7. Radhika Sridhar, Ravi Prasad (2019), Vibration based damage detection of steel fiber reinforced concrete”, Materials today: Proceedings, Elsevier, Vol. 18(7), pp. 3321-3329..
  8. Radhika Sridhar, Ravi Prasad (2018), “Study on static and dynamic properties of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete”, International journal of mechanical and production engineering research and development, special issue: pp. 85-91. ISSN 2249-6890.
  9. Radhika Sridhar and K. Baskar, “Influence of mineral admixture on compressive strength of concrete”, Journal of Construction Materials, Technology and Management, Vol. 2, No.3 (2012), pp. 1.7.

Selected Awards and Honors

External Profile Links

  • 2016-2020: Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Warangal. Thesis Supervisor: Dr. D. Ravi Prasad
  • 2010-2013: Master of Science in Structural Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Trichy.
  • 2006-2010: Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, JJ college of Engineering & Technology, Trichy.
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