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Dr. Savita Belwal received Bachelor of Science (honours) and Master of Science from Banasthali Vidhyapith, Rajasthan, stood II position in order of merit in University. She moved to the Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur for research and received JRF (UGC) and SRF(CSIR), completed Ph.D in 1999. Her initial academic appointment was at University of Rajasthan as Assistant Professor. Thereafter she took academic appointments in various engineering institutes namely Arya College of Engineering & IT Jaipur, Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur then to Amity University (Jaipur Campus) where she taught for four years and holding important position of a member of academic council. She joined the Manav Rachna International University in 2009 in Delhi as Associate Professor. At Hyderabad she joined Anurag Group of Institutions in Department of Chemistry and presently heading the department. She is the author of the book title “Applied Chemistry for Engineers” (Paragon International Publishers, New Delhi). She is a life member of premier scientific organization namely, The Indian Science Congress Association (L29879), The Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists, CSIR (CDRI) (LF- 814/2017) and The Society of Biological Chemist, Banglore (3971)

Research Interests

Dr. Savita Belwal has contributed a lot in the thrust area such as Synthetic Inorganic, Organometallic, Environmental and Green chemistry. She has designed and synthesized a range of nano-metal complexes by green ecofriendly route. She is exploring their use in various applications such as photovoltaic solar cells, water purifier. Nano-metal complexes have been explored for their potency against various cancer cell lines and anti- tuberculosis activity. She has published thirty five research papers in international and national journals of repute.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Savita Belwal has taught wide range of subjects to undergraduate students. She taught Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Corrosion Engineering to chemical Engineerings graduates . She has also taught graduate classes for Engineering Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Science.

Selected Publications

  1. S. Belwal, Nighat fahmi, Monika Upadhyay, Naveen Sharma, Synthesis, characterization and biochemical behaviour of macrocyclic complexes of Zn(II) and Co(II) metals, Journal of chemical Research, 23 January, 2020.
  2. S. Belwal, R. Saritha, H. Sachdeva, G. Kiran, Synthesis, characterization and prediction of anticancer potentiality of some novel green nanoparticles by Molecular Docking and ADMET Techniques, Bulletin of Ethiopian Chem. Society, 33(3), 493-504, 2019.
  3. S. Belwal, Thirupathi Gorry, Design Modulation of some Novel Green Nano Pd Complexces as Potential Anti-Cancer Agent, Journal of Chem Tech Research, 12(1), 152-170, 2019.
  4. S. Belwal, Thirupathi Gorry. Green Synthesis, Characterization & Anticancer activity of Platinum Nano particles, Inter. Journal of current Engg. And Scientific Research, 5(4), 543-548, 2018.
  5. S. Belwal, N. Narasimha Naidu, V.S. Aravind and M. Bhagvanth Rao. An Endeavour to Enhance the Yield of Adjuvant (Active Vaccine Emulsifier) From Esterification, Journal of Pharm Tech Research, 11(2), 132-142, 2018.
  6. S. Belwal, D. Aslesha, G. Priyadarshini, Y. Ramu, N. Rama Monitoring the Water Quality through physicochemical parameters and univariate statistical analysis in lake of Hyderabad in India, Ecology, Environmental and conservation, 24(1), 255-262, 2018.
  7. S. Belwal, Ganesh M, Shubham G, Sujala Bindu V and Shivakrishna P, Green Applications of Nanoparticles Derived from Spent Tea Leave as Solar Photocatalyst and Water Purifier, , BioTechnology: An Indian Journal, 13(6), 1-14, 2017.
  8. Savita Belwal, N. Rama, M. Shireesha, Y. Ramu, Application of t-test on polluted lake water of Hyderabad after charcoal treatment, Pollution Research, 36 (3) : 563-571 (2017).
  9. S. Belwal, N. Rama, V. Suman, V. Vamshi Krishna, B. Rajesh, Optimization of moisture content to strengthening the granules prepared in rotary drum granulator, International Journal of Chemical Sciences, 14(3), 1549, 2016.
  10. S. Belwal, N. Rama, V. Suman, V. Vamshi Krishna, B. Rajesh, Assessment of strength of granules prepared In rotary drum granulator based on their Residence time, International Journal of Chem Tech Research, 9(6), 347, 2016.
  11. S. Belwal, V. Revanth, K.S.V.V. Dinesh, B.V. Reddy and M. Bhagvanth Rao, Development and Scale up of a chemical process in pharmaceutical industry: A Case Study, International Journal of Engineering Research and Application (IJERA), 6(7), 81, 2016.
  12. P. S. S. Rao, V. Suman, V. V. Krishna, S. Belwal, M. B. Rao, Investigation for strengh of layering of pelletized balls used as feed for gas solid reaction, International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA), 5(10), 60, 2015.

    Patent Publication

    Patent published- on 27th August (with patent number “202141037119” and Journal No. 35/2021) on the topic “A Biogenic Titanium Metal Nanoparticles Composition with Improved in vitro activity on Multidrug resistant Tuberculosis bacteria and cancer cell lines”.

Selected Awards and Honors


    • As Co-chair host the paper presentation event 7th International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education AGI Hyderabad (IUCEE), 5 th -8th January 2020.
    • Invited for Lecture at International Conference on Frontiers at the Chemistry-Allied Sciences Interface (July 22-23, 2017), Organized by the Centre of advanced the study, Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan, (Jaipur) India.
    • Awarded with best paper award at National Conference on Recent Advantages on Chemical Engineering -Allied Sciences Interface (January 30-31, 2017), Organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, (Maharashtra) India.
    • Senior Research Fellow (CSIR- New Delhi) at the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India
    • Junior Research Fellow (UGC) at University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India.

External Profile Links

  • 1994-1999- Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) with Prof. R.V. Singh
  • 1992-1994- Master of Science Organic Chemistry, Banasthali Vidhyapith, Rajasthan.
  • 1989-1992- Bachelor of Science (honours) Banasthali Vidhyapith, Rajasthan.
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