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Assistant Professor

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Dr. Shrey Bodhankar is presently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Microbiology, School of Agricultural Sciences, Anurag University, Hyderabad. He did his Ph.D (specialized in Agricultural Microbiology) from ICAR – CRIDA (Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture) in collaboration with Osmania University. He has post Ph.D research experience from ICAR – NAARM(National Academy of Agricultural Research Management) and ICAR – IIOR (Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research).

Dr. Shrey was also associated with an industry Sri BioAesthetics pvt ltd as a Research Scientist. He is also having active association with NGOs like PRDIS (Participatory Rural Development Initiatives Society), REEDS (Rural Economic and Educational Development Society).

Dr. Shrey started his career as Teaching Assistant at Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU) after his masters in Microbiology. In 2013 Dr. Shrey got into research as Senior Research Fellow at ICAR – CRIDA and worked in two different national network projects funded by ICAR – AMAAS (Application of Microorganisms in Agriculture and Allied Sectors) and completed his Ph.D work at ICARCRIDA in collaboration with Osmania University, Hyderabad. After his Ph.D work he was associated with NIMS in ICMR – CDC (USA, Atlanta) funded project on Antimicrobial Resistance.
Dr. Shrey has post Ph.D experience at ICAR – NAARM (National Academy of Agricultural Research Management) funded by NITI Aayog in studying the microbial diversity from natural farming community and chemical farming community.Dr. Shrey’s second post P.hD research experience was associated with ICAR – IIOR (Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research) funded by ICAR – AMAAS.

Dr. Shrey fields of interest are bacterial and fungal endophytes, plant microbe interactions, product development using microorganisms for sustainable agriculture, evaluation of developed microbial products under biotic and abiotic stress conditions, antimicrobial resistance. He has published 9 research articles in reputed international journals. Dr. Shrey presented his research work in various national (6) and international
(5) conferences in India and Abroad. Dr. Shrey was a reviewer for an international journal 3 Biotech (Springer publication). During his post Ph.D research he had given research guidance to M.Sc and Ph.D students.

Dr. Shrey was a member of organizing committee for an International conference on SDG’s (Sustainable Developmental Goals) in collaboration with University of Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka. Dr. Shrey is a life member of Asian PGPR society of Sustainable Agriculture, Auburn, Alabama, USA.

Research Interests

  • Plant Microbe Interactions
  • Endophytes (Bacterial and Fungal)
  • Evaluation of microorganisms for mitigation of Abiotic and Biotic stresses
  • Product development using microorganisms for sustainable agriculture
  • Antimicrobial resistance

Teaching Interests

  • PGPR Microorganisms
  • Biofertilizers (bacterial and fungal)
  • Fermentation technology
  • Microbes in human welfare
  • Microbiology laboratory techniques

Selected Publications

  1. Bodhankar S, Grover M, Hemanth S, Reddy G, Rasul S, Yadav SK, Desai S, Manjunath M, Maheshwari M, Srinivasarao Ch (2017) Maize seed endophytic bacteria: dominance of antagonistic, lytic enzyme-producing Bacillus spp. 3 Biotech (springer) 7(4): 232.
  2. Bodhankar S, Grover M, Reddy G (2019) In Planta screening of maize seed endophytic bacteria for potential applications under dryland conditions. Indian Journal of Dryland Agricultural Research and Development 34(1): 53-62.
  3. Bodhankar S, Grover M, Manjunath M, Reddy G, Ghosh D, Mohapatra S (2020) The expression of selected drought responsive genes of maize as influenced by endophytic bacterial inoculation. Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences. 10(2): 267-272.
  4. Bodhankar S, Prasad RD, Poorna Chandrika KSV, Qureshi AA, Lakshmamma P (2020) Role of biopolymer based trichoderma in plant growth promotion and mitigation of drought stress in groundnut. Journal of Oilseeds Research (Special Issue) 37:118. (NAAS rating:5.02).
  5. Grover M, Bodhankar S, Bana RS (2021) Prevalence of Multifunctional Azospirillum spp.Strains in the Rhizosphere of Rainfed Pearl Millet. Article under review Vegetos Journal(Manuscript ID: VTOS-D-21-00383R1).
  6. Grover M, Bodhankar S, Maheswari M, Srinivasarao Ch (2016) Actinomycetes as mitigators of climate change and abiotic stress. In: Gopalakrishnan S, Satya A,Vijayabharathi R (Ed),Springer Science Singapore. Plant growth-promoting actinomycetes: A new avenue for enhancing the
    productivity and soil fertility of grain Legumes. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 203-212.
  7. Gandhe B, Anguluri K, Bodhankar S, Vurukonda SSKP (2018) Microbial degradation of keratin and it’s agro-industrial prospective applications. International Journal of Current Advanced Research. 7, 2(B):9709-9716.
  8. Bodhankar S, Grover M (2021) Seed Endophytes: The Benevolent Existence in the Plant System. In: Rhizosphere Microbes: Soil and Plant Functions (Microorganisms for Sustainability 23). Accepted for publication as book chapter in Springer.
  9. Grover M, Bodhankar S, Sharma A, Sharma P, Singh J, Nain L (2021). PGPR mediated alterations in root traits: way towards sustainable crop production. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. 4:618230

Selected Awards and Honors

External Profile Links

  • P.hD (Specialized in Agricultural Microbiology) (ICAR – CRIDA in collaboration with Osmania University)
  • M.Sc (Microbiology), Bangalore University
  • B.Sc (Microbiology), Osmania University
  • PGDIPR (Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights), IGNOU, School of Law.
  • PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications), AIMA, New Delhi, India.

Research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Shrey-Bodhankar
Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=vOEfFNsAAAAJ

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