Dr. Sridhar Maddi

Assistant professor

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Dr. Sridhar Maddi, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Anurag University, is an established teacher in English Language Teaching, Personality Development, Music (Karnatic vocal and Bhajans), Human Ethics, Values and Virtues and a potential Resource Person in Foundation Skills for Freshers, Group Discussions and Mock Interviews for the Seniors integrating in personality skills on ‘Job-seeking’, ‘Job-getting’ and ‘Job holding’. He has been constantly training people of all age-groups of all areas – urban, town, rural and tribal, in Communicative Skills in English through English Language Lab approach, and Personality Development by conducting various interactive Workshops, Seminars Satsanghs etc. His vision is a peaceful society and mission is to purify an integral personality.

Research Interests

Communicative Skills – LSRWT, Presentation Skills, Phonetical, Semantical, Graphical, Grammatical and Integral (sound, sense, spell, shape), Situational Optimum Vocabulary, Functional Grammar, Vocality, Sound / Swara, Speaking Fitness through Practicing Fitness Personality for readiness through involvement for happiness through evolvement.
Personality fitness, Music for Health on the Ragas in the domains of Physical, Physiological, Psychological, Sociological and Cosmological by Audio and video. Thought, Action, Silence and Divine through Therapeutic Music other relevant methods over years in Telangana and outside.

Teaching Interests

Selected Publications

  1. Published an article on ‘Indo-Fijian Diasporic Writing in English – Memoirs’ Memories’ Volume-23 No.02(III) of Kala Sarovar (UGC Care Group-1 Journal) ISSN:0975-4520, July -September2020.
  2. Published an article on ‘ICT: An Indispensable Tool for Professional Students’ Volume 8 Issue 3 of IJELLS on October 2019. ISSN 2278-0742. www.ijells.com
  3. Published an article on ‘The plight and the metamorphosis of Indo-Fijians’ Volume 8, Issue 8 of IJSRR. ISSN 2279-543X / www.dynamicpublisher.org. August 2019.
  4. Published an article on ‘Diasporic Literature: Indenture Deaths in Fiji’ Volume 7 Issue 1 of IJELLS. ISSN 2278-0742. www.ijells.com. April 2018.
  5. Published an article on ‘Indo-Fijian Diaspora: Labour Migration from Indian Continent’ volume 25, no. 1 of The Commonwealth Review. ISCS Delhi.2018.
  6. Published an article on ‘Diaspora: A Global Importance in the World Scenario’ Deccan Literary Journal ISSN-2249-1910, vol.7/Issue.12/January 2017, Peer Reviewed & Referred International Journal.
  7. Published an article on ‘Historical Perspectives and Problems of Indo Fijian Diaspora – A Thematic Study of Indian Writings’, Peer Reviewed & Referred International Journal ISSN – 2250-1991, vol.2/Issue.4/Apr 2013, Paripex – Indian Journal of Research.
  8. Published an article on ‘Immigration to Emigration: Epitaph for Indo-Fijian Community?’ special Number on Re-Presentation of History in Recent Indian Fiction in English, vol.29/2010, Kakatiya Journal of English Studies.

Selected Awards and Honors

External Profile Links

  • B.A.(Eng. Litt.), M.A.(Eng. Litt.), PGDTE (EFLU),Ph.D. (KU)
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