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Mr .S.Krishna Anand is currently working as a Professor in the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Anurag University, Hyderabad. He has over twenty three and a half years of teaching experience in different places apart from one year of industrial experience. He has applied a wide variety of teaching methodologies catering to students from various backgrounds in India and some underdeveloped countries. He has undergone Mission 10-X basic and advanced certification levels. He has been an active Board of Studies member and has been responsible for formulating the curriculum and syllabus of logic oriented subjects in autonomous institutes like SKCET, SASTRA and SNIST. He has organized and conducted a number of conferences, workshops and seminars and has also delivered talks on these areas. He has a special affinity towards environment and carrying out research work in utilization of soft computing techniques in mitigating the effect of greenhouse gases. He is a member of CSI and a reviewer of a Defence Journal and a couple of Elsevier journals

Research Interests

Fuzzy Logic,
Expert Systems,
Evolutionary Computing

Teaching Interests

Logic oriented subjects
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
System Software
Digital Logic Design
Computer Organization and Architecture
Green Computing
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Software Engineering
Soft Computing
Agent based Intelligent Systems
Evolutionary Computing
Simulation and Modelling

Selected Publications

  1. Dr.S.Subramanian, Dr. T.G. Sundara Raman, S. Krishna Anand “ Fuzzy Predictive Control for Intelligent Soot Blowing “ European Journal of Scientific Research ISSN 1450-216X Vol.50 No.1 (2011), pp.135-142 EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2011
  2. Krishna Anand, S., Sundara Raman, T.G. and Subramanian, S., “ Designing a Type 2 Fuzzy Neural Network for performance optimization in a high pressure chemical recovery boiler “, Journal of Analysis and Computation, Serial Publications, ISSN 0973 – 2861, Vol. 8 No.2. 2012. pp 59 – 69.
  3. E.Mamatha, C.S.Reddy, S.Krishna Anand, “ Focal point computation and homogeneous geometrical transformation for linear curves “, Perspectives in Science, Vol. 8, September 2016 pp 19 – 21.

Selected Awards and Honors

External Profile Links

  • 1991 – 1995 : B.E. (CSE) from KCT affiliated to Bharathiar University
  • 1996 – 1997 : ME ( AE ) from CIT affiliated to Bharathiar University
  • 2008 – 2013 : Ph.D. ( I & C ) from Anna University
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