Assistant Professor

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I Mrs. A. Radhika did my Masters in English from Koti Women’s college. I have also done my PGCTE and PGDTE from English and Foreign Language University. I started my teaching career in the year 2004. I taught students at various levels ranging from high school, intermediate level, diploma and engineering students. My areas of interest are language teaching and literature.

Research Interests

English Language Teaching (ELT)
Women writing
Indian writing in English

Teaching Interests

I love to teach English along with gender studies and professional ethics

Selected Publications

published a paper “Usage of technology, Multimedia Education and ELT” in Shodh Samhita; journal of Fundamental and Comparitive Research vol VIII No. 1(IV):2022 ISSN: 2277-7076

Selected Awards and Honors

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  • M.A English
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