Centres of Excellence


The University has established various research centres with the support of best-in-class research infrastructure to carry out the research work of faculty and research scholars. The research laboratories have been equipped with both hardware and software. Faculty members and research scholars utilize the available facilities in conducting their research.

AICTE Sponsored Real-Time Simulation Lab

Real time simulator for Modular Multilevel Converter(MMC) based doubly fed induction machine and Hardware- In- The Loop (HIL) facility are available to mimic plant or process to perform real time control operations to test electrical systems. The performance of MMC fed induction machine is analysed both in Real Time Simulation and by Rapid Control prototype. It is used to achieve speed control of induction machine for different switching frequencies. With complete hardware setup, the real time simulation of DFIM can be carried out.

Cyber Security Centre of Excellence

The Cyber Security centre (of excellence) at the Anurag University’s goal is to foster highly integrated, holistic and interdisciplinary undertakings that push the boundaries of cyber security research and development. The centre is focusing on solving real-world cyber security, privacy, trust and resiliency related challenges and basic research and contributions. Further, it will leverage and build upon the synergies that exist among various Departments within Anurag University.

Centre for Research in Digital Manufacturing (CRDM)

The CRDM emphasis on advancing the relevant technologies in digital Manufacturing and accelerating the adoption of additive and subtractive manufacturing technology. Faculty and research scholars are working on the innovative technologies in digital manufacturing to tackle the real-world problems and industry challenges. CRDM supports to make innovative product development and research using the instruments such as FDM 3D Printer, 3D SCANNER – 360 Degree Digital Scanning Device, Form 3B RP Machine, CNC Turning Machine, and CNC Milling Machine.


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VLSI Research and Development Lab

VLSI research and development has VLSI Frontend & Backend tools (Cadence and Mentor
Graphics) for the design of digital, analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits. The research scholars and faculty are pursuing research
in high impact research areas such as mixed signal design, low power VLSI, application-specific system design, and computer aided
design algorithms, ultra-low power VLSI design by utilizing the cadence software. Mentor Graphics tool is used to design and develop IC
design applications that include simulation, place and route, layout verification.

Pharmacy Central Instrumentation Lab

Central Instrumentation Lab is established to impart quality education to the students, especially training students in analytical skills and preparing them for industrial carrier’s and service/engagement opportunities that are high-quality, innovative and intellectually challenging and employ state-of-the-art technologies. The lab comprises of sophisticated analytical instruments like HPLC, UV- Visible spectrophotometer, Gas chromatography, FT-IR and Stability Chamber. The lab focussed on analytical method development and validation, herbal products standardization, quality control Protocol development of various pharmaceutical products, and impurity profiling. The objectives are:
  • The handling and trouble shooting of the sophisticated analytical instruments
  • To get exhaustive knowledge of analytical technology from classical chemical methods to modern analytical methods including bio analysis.
  • To know analytical and bio analytical method development and validation, stability studies, impurity profiling, Pharmacokinetic studies, study on drug interaction and poison analysis.
  • To implement new proceedings in the field of pharmaceutical Analysis
  • To fetch funding from Government sponsored project and Non Govt. organizations.
  • To maintain the quality by moving hand in hand with progression in technology


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The Central Instrumentation facility is available in the institution to foster the research culture and innovation practices in the areas of digital manufacturing, chip design, Cybersecurity, healthcare, autonomous systems, material research and pharmaceutical research. Few equipment and software available are fused deposition modelling 3D printer, stereolithography 3D printer, Creality CR model-3D scanner. The central instrumentation facility in school of pharmacy offers services for various purposes. These include: i) Servicing of equipment: The facility can maintain and repair various types of equipment used in pharmaceutical research and development. ii) Analysis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs): The facility has the instruments and expertise to analyze the purity, potency, and other characteristics of APIs. iii) Method development and formulation support: The facility can assist researchers in developing new analytical methods and formulating new pharmaceutical products. This support is available for both in-house projects and collaborations with mid-sized companies.
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