Assistant Professor

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Dr.Vishwanath completed his Bachelor of Technology(Mechanical Engineering) from GokarajuRangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology (An Autonomous Institution) in 2008, Master of Technology (Thermal Engineering) from Heat Transfer and Thermal Power Stream at Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2010. Ph.D.(Mechanical Engineering- Thermofluid Science)from Institute for Frontier Materials at Deakin University, Australia in 2019. After completing doctoral study, he worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at Deakin University in an industrial project in collaboration with Keech Castings Private Limited, Australia. Dr. Vishwanath has worked as an Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering at Sagar Institute of Science and Technology (SISTEC), Bhopal from 2010 to 2014. In addition, he worked as a teaching academic in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Deakin University from February 2018 to July 2020. Dr. Vishwanath has excelled in his teaching and research being awarded as the best academician in Mechanical Engineering at SISTEC. He has offered multiple courses during his teaching at SISTEC and Deakin University and has received high student satisfaction feedback having achieved consistent above 97% student pass results in all the courses. Dr. Vishwanath has participated and coordinated/organised numerous workshops, training programs and technical fests and working model competitions at SISTEC and MANIT, Bhopal. His responsibilities at departmental and institutional level were departmental incharge for examination cell, tutor guardian for third and final year students, Laboratory incharge for Thermodynamics, Internal Combustion Engines, Heat transfer and CAD/CAM labs, minutes of meeting coordinator andstudents industrial visit coordinator at SISTEC.

Research Interests

Dr.Vishwanath’s research interests are in Bubble dynamics, Fluidisation, Solar thermal applications (Solar collectors, Solar desalination and Solar dryers), Experimental and Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. He has authored 14 published journal articles and conferences with 3 articles under review. His publications have a total impact factor of27.577 with a citation count of 179, h-index of 5 and i10-index of 4. Dr. Vishwanath has experience of writing project proposals since his masters. He has assisted his supervisor Prof. Srinivas Reddy at IIT Madras in getting a successful grant on “Design and Performance Analysis of Integrated Multi Tray Solar Desalination System for Rural Applications” from C.I.I.E Solar Innovation Program (Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship). During his teaching career, Dr. Vishwanath has sent a project proposal on “Multistage Evacuated Solar Desalination system to EPCO-Environment Conservation Program (Environmental Planning & Coordination Organization, Housing and Environment Department, India)”, though the funding was not successful. He has supervised undergraduate and postgraduate final year theses on CFD, Fuzzy logic and Solar thermal applications at SISTEC. Dr. Vishwanath has established Double Slope Solar Still and Solar Crop Dryer at SISTEC Mechanical department.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Vishwanath has taught undergraduate courses like Engineering Thermodynamics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering & Gas Dynamics, Heat & Mass Transfer and Operations Research. He also handled postgraduate course of Advanced Heat & Mass Transfer. He is interested to teach subjects like Turbomachinery, Aerodynamics, Renewable Energy Sources and Solar Thermal Energy. With the teaching experience in Australia, he was comfortable to use online teaching tools such as Bb Collaborate, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Dr. Vishwanath can potentially collaborate with institutes such as Delhi Technological University for research and student internships. He makes students learn the course work beyond the conventional classroom teaching through practical ways. For instance, some of his students developed a miniature thermal power plant working model which won first place (worth: 25,000 INR) in the National Level Working Model Competition at SISTEC, Bhopal.

Research Publications

  1. “Qualitative comparison of bubble evolution in a two-dimensional gas-solid fluidized bed using image analysis and CFD model”, Materials Today: Proceedings, 4 2017, 5290-5305. (IF: 0.576)
  2. Solar stills system design: A review”, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 51 2015, 153-181. (IF: 12.348)
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  4. “Review on comparative study between helical coil and straight tube heat exchanger”, Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, 8(2) 2013, 55-59. (IF: 8.02)
  5. “Optimization of design and operating parameters on the year-round performance of a multi-stage evacuated solar desalination system using transient mathematical analysis”, International Journal of Energy and Environment, 3 (3) 2012, 409-434.
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  9. “Prediction of springback in V-bending and design of dies using finite element simulation”, International Journal of Materials and Product Technology, 39 (3) 2010, 313-323. (IF: 0.714)


  • 2014-2019 PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Thermofluids) Deakin University, Australia.
  • 2008-2010Post Graduate (M.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Engineering-Heat Transfer and Thermal Power Stream), IIT Madras.
  • 2004-2008 Under Graduate (B.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering, GokarajuRangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology, (An Autonomous Institution), Hyderabad.