Poola Nagesh

Assistant Professor

Email: [email protected]


Poola Nagesh received a Bachelor of Technology degree (Civil Engineering) from Osmaniya University Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in 1987, and a Master of Technology degree in Transportation Engineering from Osmaniya University in 2013.  His initial academic TKR Engineering College appointment was at School of Engineering, Anurag Group of Institutions and currently working as an Assistant Professor.

Research Interests

Poola Nagesh’s research interests revolve around soil stabilization utilizing various industrial wastes and their interaction with the clay environment. They span around the identification of microstructural changes to correlate with the strength improvements. His research interests also include the application of eco-friendly biological processes in altering the behavior of natural geological materials particularly using the technique termed as Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation (MICP). This emerging technique has dragged the interest of the researchers worldwide to find its suitability for applying in various soil stabilization practices. A third area of his interest lies in the numerical modelling of geotechnical problems especially using finite difference schemes.

Teaching Interests

Poola Nagesh has taught undergraduate classes in Engineering Mechanics, Surveying and Geomatics Engineering. He has also taught post graduate classes in Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations.

Selected Publications

  1. Poola Nagesh., Rajeswari, B., Venkatesh, N., Kalyan Kumar, G., & Bandhu, A. (2019, December). Estimation of Shear Strength Properties of Bio-treated Sand. In proceedings of the Indian Geotechnical Conference, 2019. 19 th – 21 st December, 2019. SVNIT Surat, Gujarat, India.
  2. Poola Nagesh., Sudhakar, M., Kalyan Kumar, G., & Bandhu, A. (2019, March). Cementation of Sand by Microbial Induced Calcite Precipitation. In proceedings of the 7 th Indian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference 2019. 15 th – 16 th March, 2019. NIT Silchar, Assam, India.
  3. Archika, Yadav, Vineeth Reddy, K., Kalyan Kumar, G., & Bandhu, A. (2019, March). Biotreatment of Flyash. In proceedings of the International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics Symposium 2019. 5 th – 7 th March, 2019. IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.
  4. Prasad, H Poola Nagesh., (2018, December). Frequency Magnitude Recurrence Relationship Using Fuzzy Logic. In proceedings of the 16 th Symposium on Earthquake Engineering. 20 th – 22 nd December, 2018. IIT Roorkee, India.
  5. Hari Prasad, P., Poola Nagesh & Kalyan Kumar G., (2018, December). Dynamic Slope Stability of Ash Dykes. In proceedings of the Indian Geotechnical Conference. 13 th – 15 th December, 2018. IISC Bengaluru, India.
  6. Marlina, G., Poola Nagesh ., Kalyan Kumar, G., & Bandhu, A. (2018, September). Bio-modification of Geomaterials through MICP. In proceedings of the International Conference on Civil Engineering in Emerging Economies 2018. 15 th September, 2018. MREC, Hyderabad, India. (Published)


  • Ph. D registered in ANURAG university 2020
  • 2010-2013 Master of Technology in Civil Engineering, Osmaniya University.Hyderabad
  • 1983-1987 Bachelor of Engineering, in Civil Engineering, Osmaniya University.Hyderabad