Dr. Balaji Utla

Dean, School of Management
Founder-CEO of Satyam Foundation


Dr. Balaji Utla holds a Doctorate in Management. He has 36 years of experience spanning organizational strategy and development, and corporate social responsibility and academics.

Dr. Utla was CEO, Vice-Chairman and co-founder KRIA Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., before was founder-CEO PiramalSwasthya (formerly HMRI) and president (Corporate Sustainability) at Piramal Healthcare Ltd. He was involved in designing 108 emergency services and 104 health services.

Dr. Utla was the founder-CEO of Satyam Foundation initiated by Satyam Computer Services (now Mahindra Satyam). Under Dr. Utla’s leadership, Satyam received the Corporate Citizen Award from FICCI in 2006 and the TERI Award in 2007. He also worked as the head of corporate strategy at Satyam Computer Services Ltd. He is a co-founder of Pennidhi Foundation that provides job training for rural Dalit and tribal youth.

He serves on the governing board of CVSR Engineering College and Anurag Group of Institutions.

He is Chairman of Center of Environmental Concerns an NGO in the service of dry-land farmers offering water conserving products and labour reducing tools for agriculture.

He also is advisor of Yugantar, an NGO working for at risk youth and RTI.

He has helped implement a Cognitive Based Therapy training module designed and adapted from experiments conducted at Chicago for juvenile delinquents, for youth on Rowdy Sheets.

Currently he is leading a consulting group helping startups and organizations desirous of growing into their next orbit.

He has many publications to his credit and is a regular speaker at health care conferences in India and abroad.

He pursues various hobbies in his spare time:
Playing Sitar
Offering unsolicited advice to unsuspecting people
Translating poetry and stories from Hindi into Telugu and from Telugu into English

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