Dr. S. Sathees Kumaran

Professor & Head,
Dean, Research & Development

Email: [email protected]


Dr. S. Sathees kumaran received PhD degree in Information and Communication Engineering in 2016. Currently he serves as a professor in Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Anurag Group of Institutions, Hyderabad, India. He is a guest editor for Inderscience and Emerald journals and served as a volume editor for Springer conference proceedings. He has research and teaching experience of 20 years and received research grants from Government and Private funding agencies in engineering and healthcare. He has published more than 50 research papers in SCI/Scopus journals and reputed conferences. He is a reviewer for IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis, Wiley and IGI Global journals and reviewed more than 200 research papers. He also served as keynote speaker, advisory committee member and Session chair for IEEE/Springer international conferences.

Research Interests

Dr.Sathees kumaran actively involved in wide research areas which include Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and digital healthcare. He works with Dr . Yu-Dong Zhang, University of Leicester and Dr. DaniloPelusi, University of Teramo, Italy in the research of autonomous systems and pattern recognition. He received many research grants from Government and Private funding agencies. His few areas of research interests are Biomedical signal processing, Internet of things, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Computer Vision, Autonomous systems, Edge computing and Intelligent Edge analytics.

Teaching Interests

Dr.S.Sathees kumaran, has a teaching experience of nearly 20 years in various academic positions. He delivered many guest lectures and conducted several hands on sessions in Digital Signal Processing, VLSI system design, Matlab for research, Simulink and NI LabVIEW. He taught under graduate and post graduate students in Digital Signal Processing, VLSI Design, Cloud computing, Signals and Systems, Communication systems, Machine Learning, Analog and Digital Communication, Advanced Digital Signal Processing, VLSI signal processing and Image processing. He has the design and tool expertise in Matlab, Simulink, Python, Verilog HDL programming, Xilinx Vivado, LabVIEW and NI biomedical toolkit. He prepared few course materials and laboratory manuals for the courses Digital Signal Processing, Matlab and its applications, Verilog HDL programming.

Selected Publications

  1. Sathees kumaran, S &Sabrigiriraj, M 2014, ‘A New LMS Based Noise Removal and DWT Based R-peak Detection in ECG Signal for Biotelemetry Applications’, Springer National Academy Science Letters, vol. 37, no. 4, pp. 341-349.(Impact factor 0.369)
  2. Sathees kumaran, S &Sabrigiriraj, M 2016 ‘VLSI Implementation of a New LMS Based Algorithm for Noise Removal in ECG signal’, Taylor & Francis International Journal of Electronics, Vol. 103, no. 6, pp. 975- 984 (Impact factor 0.729)
  3. Venkatesan, C., Karthigaikumar, P, Satheeskumaran, S Mobile cloud computing for ECG telemonitoring and real-timecoronary heart disease risk detection. Elsevier Biomedical signal Processing and Control, Vol. 44, pp. 138-145, 2018 (Impact factor 2.214).
  4. Venkatesan, C.,Karthigaikumar, P., Paul, A., Satheeskumaran, S., & Kumar, R. (2018). ECG Signal Preprocessing And SVM Classifier Based Abnormality Detection In Remote Healthcare Applications. IEEE Access. Vol. 6, 9767 – 9773 (Impact factor 3.244)
  5. Jubairahmed, L., Satheeskumaran, S. &Venkatesan, C. Springer Cluster Computing (2017). Contourlet transform based adaptive nonlinear diffusion filtering for speckle noise removal in ultrasound images https://doi.org/10.1007/s10586-017-1370-x, Nov. 2017. Pp. 1-10 (Impact factor 2.040)
  6. Satheeskumaran, S , Sasikala K, ‘VLSI implementation of modified distributed arithmetic based low power and high performance digital FIR filter’, International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research, Vol. 4, Issue 10, 2017.
  7. Satheeskumaran, S “Soft Computing and Optimisation Techniques for Biomedical Data Mining and Analysis” Inderscience International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications, ISSN online 1744-5493, ISSN print 1744-5485, October 2019.
  8. Satheeskumaran, S “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Computing and Networking in the Internet of Things” Inderscience International Journal of Cloud Computing, ISSN online 2043-9997, ISSN print 2043-9989, June 2019.
  9. Satheeskumaran,Yu-Dong Zhang, Danilo Pelusi“Intelligent Edge Analytics and Coordinated Control for Autonomous Vehicles”, Emerald International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned SystemsISSN:2049-6427 E-ISSN:2049-6435, December 2019.
  10. Satheeskumaran, S, Efficient Image Transmission using OSTBC4 Space Time Encoded MIMO System, IEEE Xplore Digital Library International Conference on Emerging Smart Computing and Informatics (ESCI), Feb, 2020.


  • 2016 Ph.D in Biomedical signal Processing under the faculty of Information and Communication Engineering from Anna University Chennai.
  • 2004-2006 Masters in VLSI Design from Government College of technology, Chennai.
  • 1996-2000 Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering from University of Madras.
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