On-going Research Projects

DST funded projects

S.No Project Title PI &Co-PI Funding Agency & Scheme File No. /Ref. No.& Date of sanction Total Amount Sanctioned (in Rs) & duration
1 Design and development of Local Rainfall Prediction and Alerting system. PI: Dr. B.Pavithra IDAPT Hub Foundation- Project proposal,IIT (BHU), Varanasi File no. 1-DAPT/|IT (BHU)/ 2023-24/ Projcct Sanction/5l and Date: 19/09/2023 17,72,650/- & 2years
2 Technical education on Programmable wood processing tool for Mancherial District,Telangana SC Category PI:Dr.D.Haripriya Co-PI:Dr.S.Sathees Kumaran DST-SEED & STI- HUB DST/SEED/SCSP/STI/2021/84 4 & 27-10-2022 1,16,00,000/- & 30 Months
3 Design and development of highly efficient and stable non- fullerene polymer solar cells doped with eco-friendly A3B2X9 perovskite quantum dots based on Bi3+ or Sb3+. PI: Dr. Ashish Singh SERB-SRG SRG/2022/001170 & 26-09- 2022 26,67,500/- & 2 Years
4 Secure Savers- Monitoring Adulteration and Pilferage of Petroleum Oil tankers and logistic service PI:R.Nagaswetha Co-PI:B.Pavitra, Dr.D.Narendhar Singh Govt. of India & Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises IDEATS005098 & 17-08-2022 18,06,500/- & 3 Years
5 To Empower Sustainable Development through STI-Hub for Scheduled Tribe Community of Dupahad cluster, Suryapet District,Telangana PI-Dr.Narendar Singh Co-PI- Dr.K.Mamatha, Dr. Sudheer Reddy, Dr.Madan Mohan, Dr. Venu Madhav DST-SEED & STI- HUB DST/SEED/TSP/STI/2021/714 & 11-03-2022 87,18,465/- & 3 Years
6 Combating EGFR and HER2 associated multidrug resistance with novel terazosin analogues in metastatic breast cancers: Exploring drug repurposing to fulfill an unmet need in breat cancer treatment Dr B Vasudha ICMR-DHR File No R 12013/18/2021 45,89,235/- & Three Years (2021-2024)
7 Enhancing Entrepreneurial Opportunities of SC Community w.r.t Ghatkesar Mandal PI: Dr. V. Vishnu Vandana Co-PI: Dr. C. Mallesha DST-SEED-STI HUB FOR SC COMMUNITY Registration No. TPN/57614 38,79,090/- & 2 YEARS AND 6 MONTHS
8 Sustainable waterborne polyurethanes via click chemistry: green challenge in 3D Printing Scaffold Dr. Ravi Arukula SERB-Startup research grant (SRG) SRG/2022/001421 & 19th September 2022 1,677,500
9 Development of WO3based gas sensors for medical diagnosis devices Dr Y Vijayakumar & Dr M Srinivasa Reddy UGC-DAE-CRS CRS/2021-22/01/454 24.06.2022 1.95 akhs (3 Years)

Collaborative projects

Anurag University established Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), MSME business incubator, entrepreneurship development cell
(EDC), industry institute interaction cell to facilitate the research, innovation and collaboration activities in the campus. The industry
experts and scientists from government organizations are included as members in governing body, academic council, board of studies
and advisory committee of centres of excellences. Industry experts are invited for workshops and seminars to share the industry
requirements and latest technology trends and expose students to real-world scenarios and career opportunities. Faculty members visit
the industries to carry out industry-relevant research projects. Students are able to carry out industry relevant projects and receive
internship and job offers through strong industry partnerships. Industry partners access our instrumentation facility, testing labs anddigital manufacturing facility through collaborative research projects. Many faculty members Collaborate with industries on R&D projects for performing academic research and developing commercially viable products. MSME business incubator and IIC provide mentorship, workspace, and funding opportunities for student and faculty entrepreneurs. EDP offers mentorship and training programsto equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to launch their own businesses.

S.No Name of the Faculty Department Research Area Project Title Remarks (Current status, collaboration, funding etc.)
1 Dr. Anand kumar Chettupalli Pharmacy Novel carrier gels, tablets, paste and creams An Qbd Approach For Optimization of Novel Carrier For Brain Target Through Intranasal Route of Anti Psychotic Drugs Presented to Cognizant for collaboration
2 Dr. Vasudha Bakshi Pharmacy Novel carrier gels Novel terazosin analogues in metastatic breast cancers: Exploring drug repurposing to fulfill an unmet need in breat cancer treatment Received ICMR funding
3 Dr.D. Haripriya ECE Artificial Intelligence Smart tools for wood processing Collaboration: CITD & NSIC
4 Dr. T. Anil kumar & Dr. Surendra Babu EEE Smart systems Development of Smart block-chain based EV charging, robotic battery swapping and intelligent vehicle management Collaboration: M/s. Eride industries
5 Dr. S. Satheeskumaran ECE Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Based Acute Stroke Prediction Using ECG and Human Physiological Parameters Anurag University Seed money funding (Collaboration: Neelima Hospitals)
6 Dr. Manoranjan Dash AI Artificial Intelligence Design of an Automatic Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) system for the severity Assessment of Covid-19 Patients. Anurag University Seed money funding (Collaboration: Neelima Hospitals)
7 Ms. Shilpa Sesham AI Artificial Intelligence An intelligent office chair with vibrotactile and visual feedbacks to prevent lower back pain alerting about poor posture and improving the sitting behavior Anurag University Seed money funding (Collaboration: Neelima Hospitals)
8 Dr. Manoranjan Dash AI Pain Assessment System Design and Development of Low Cost Smart Device to assess the Pain for Deaf and Dumb Patients Applied for DST- TIDE funding
9 Dr. M Trupthi AI AR/VR based navigation system Audio-Based Accessibility and Navigation System in closed environment for Individuals with Visual Impairments Applied for DST- TIDE funding
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