PCDC Committee Constitution

Prevention of Caste-based Discrimination Committee (PCDC)

The Prevention of Caste-based Discrimination Committee (PCDC) at Anurag University is a critical body established to uphold the principles of equality and justice within the university community. Its purpose is to prevent and address any form of discrimination based on caste, locality, social or economic background, or gender, in alignment with the guidelines provided by the University Grants Commission (UGC).
The PCDC’s responsibilities are structured to ensure a comprehensive approach to tackling discrimination. These include understanding and implementing UGC guidelines, handling complaints effectively, and ensuring that actions are taken within a specified timeframe. The committee is composed of members from various backgrounds, including faculty and student representatives, to ensure a broad perspective in addressing issues.
The composition of Prevention of Caste-based Discrimination Committee (PCDC) is as follows,

Name & Designation Mobile Number Role
Dr. V. Vijaya Kumar
Dean School of Engineering
9849452287 Chairperson
Mr. Lonavath Srinivas Naik
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
9666331222 Member
Ms. B. Jyothi
Assistant Professor, Department of Data Science
9290449469 Member
Ms. J. Salomy
Administrative Staff
9676105739 Member
Dr. Narender Singh
Associate Professor, Department of ECE.
9014067636 Member Secretary
Two representatives of the Student Council (in case of student-related complaints) - Member
The process for submitting complaints is straightforward, requiring affected individuals to provide a written complaint with sufficient details about the alleged discriminatory act. This is submitted to the Chairman or Secretary of the PCDC, who then initiates a preliminary fact-finding process. The committee conducts thorough investigations and provides recommendations to the Registrar, who has the authority to make final decisions or form an Enquiry Committee for further investigation if needed.
The PCDC’s commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable environment is evident in its structured approach to handling discrimination complaints. By ensuring that complaints are addressed promptly and fairly, the committee plays a vital role in maintaining a supportive and respectful atmosphere at Anurag University. This is essential for the well-being and success of all members of the university community.
NOTE: The students/teachers/non-teaching staff belonging to SC/ST/OBC category can send their grievances/complaint regarding any kind of caste-based discrimination through e-mail ([email protected]) to facilitate taking of the remedial measures.
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