Privacy Policy

At Anurag University, safeguarding your privacy is of utmost importance to us. In an era where Information Communication Technology facilitates rapid sharing and collaboration, we recognize the challenges in ensuring complete privacy protection. While we leverage these tools to foster academic growth and collaboration within our community, it’s crucial to acknowledge that no system is entirely immune to potential misuse or cyber threats.

Commitment to Privacy:
Anurag University is dedicated to upholding the privacy, confidentiality, and accuracy of personally identifiable information as per Indian law. We are committed to implementing all necessary measures to ensure the privacy and security of our operations.

Scope of Policy:
This policy applies to all individuals associated with Anurag University-Hyderabad, including students, faculty, researchers, staff, third-party contractors, and others with access to our information resources. It extends to information collected through visits to our website ( and data gathered through university logins by students, faculty, and staff.

Information Privacy:

  1. Personal Information:
    Anurag University prioritizes the confidentiality and security of personal data in the digital age. We do not disclose personal information for commercial purposes or beyond the scope of our normal functions. Any collection, usage, storage, or disclosure of personal information is strictly for academic, research, and administrative purposes, in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and university policies.
  2. Email, Computers, and Networks:
    Contact details obtained through email correspondence are treated with utmost confidentiality and are not shared with any other entity. Email content is monitored only in cases of security breaches. Any monitoring is conducted in accordance with established security protocols. Users of university-owned computers or network resources must adhere to institutional rules and regulations. Anurag University reserves the right to monitor all hardware and software connected to its network to prevent or investigate improper or illegal usage.

While Anurag University implements necessary measures to protect personal information, complete security cannot be guaranteed due to the inherent vulnerabilities of internet transmission. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of information.

Links to Other Sites:

Our website may contain links to external websites whose content and privacy policies are beyond our control. Users are advised to review the privacy policies of such websites, as Anurag University holds no responsibility for their content or practices.

Video Surveillance:
Anurag University employs CCTV or Surveillance Cameras across campus to enhance safety and protect individuals and property. Recordings from these devices are kept confidential and are accessible only to authorized personnel, including the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Registrar, University Management, and designated individuals. Access to recordings by external parties is granted only under exceptional circumstances involving investigations into untoward incidents or illegal activities. Recordings are retained for a minimum of one month and may be kept longer upon authorization from higher authorities.

This privacy policy is subject to periodic review and may be updated to reflect any changes in our practices or regulatory requirements. Users are encouraged to check this page regularly for updates.

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