The B.Sc Agriculture program at Anurag University is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of agricultural science, including plant breeding and genetics, crop production, soil science, entomology, plant pathology, and agricultural economics. The program also includes practical training through internships and fieldwork.

Outcome Based Education

The B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture programme aims to make the agriculture graduate competent enough to solve the problems in cultivation of crops through appropriate scientific assessment techiniques. The training imparted to them in the four years of their education was dealt by more than twelve subject specific departments over almost fifty courses. The wide range of subject areas is expected to provide a comprehensive knowledge base along with practical experience to tackle the challenges thrown by the environment, sociological or economic conditions. The more recent integration of information technology through software programming and internet of things is targeted at making the graduates competitive for an era of artificial intelligence and precision agriculture.
The graduates are capable of implementing the modern cultivation methods of a wide range of agriculture, horticulture and fodder crops along with forest species. The knowledge on the crop management by controlling the pests and pathogens was significant in improving the yield. The subject areas of economics and extension education have provided the graduates with the ability to tackle the economic and sociological problems being faced by the farmers. The graduates have attained a working knowledge of python programming which has been useful in creating digital solutions for standardizing the crop cultivation aspects.
The B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture programme has been designed as a study of individual aspects of crop cultivation through various subject specializations which are integrated in the final year of graduation through programmes such as RAWEP (Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme), Student Ready/ AELP (Agricultural Experiential Learning Programme) as well as industrial training programme. Over a period of six semesters, the students are majorly trained in aspects of crop production, crop protection and supporting subjects. The various subject areas deal with individual aspects of crop management providing a comprehensive knowledge of agriculture and related aspects.

Career Path

Food Corporation of India (FCI)
State Forest Exam
Bank-Special officer

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