Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


The BBA program at Anurag University is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of business management, including principles of management, marketing, accounting, economics, and business law. The program also includes practical training through internships, industrial visits, and live projects.

Specializations Offered

1. To teach the fundamentals of the key elements of a business organization
2. To provide a critical perspective on theoretical knowledge and practical approach to various functional areas of management and decision making
3. To develop analytical skills to identify the management practices in different functional areas
4. To establish a research culture among students
5. To build teamwork and leadership skills among students
6. To instill ethical values among students
1. Business Environment and Domain Knowledge: Graduates are able to improve their awareness and knowledge about local and global business environments.
2. Critical Thinking, Business Analysis, Problem Solving and Innovative Solutions:Graduates are expected to develop skills on analyzing the business data,application of relevant analysis and problem solving in functional areas.
3. Global Exposure and Cross-Cultural Understanding: Demonstrate a global outlook with the ability to identify critical aspects of global businesses and cross-cultural understanding
4. Social Responsiveness and Ethics: Graduates are expected to identify contemporary social problems, explore opportunities for social entrepreneurship,designing business solutions and demonstrate ethical standards in organizational decision making.
5. Effective Communication: Graduates are expected to develop effective oral andwritten communication skills.
6. Leadership and Team work: Graduates are expected to collaborate and lead teamsacross organizational boundaries and demonstrate leadership qualities and manage diverse teams

Specializations Offered

We offer a variety of specializations to the students that are designed to pave the way for job opportunities immediately after their Bachelor’s course. Furthermore, these specializations also lay the foundations for students if they wish to go for higher studies or become entrepreneurs and start their own firms. The specializations that we offer for the BBA II Year students, which will continue into their III Year as well, are:

One of the hottest trends in the job market today, The BA specialization introduces students to the various concepts of BA such as data collection, data cleaning, data mining, data visualization and
data analysis. Our state-of-the-art computer labs with the pertinent
software solutions allow students to practice what they have been
taught in real-time, making them ready for a career in Business

Another specialization that is picking up momentum over the last decade or so, the Fintech specialization allows students to grasp the nuances of how finance and technology work together in today’s digital world. Students are immersed in concepts such as Blockchain, Fintech regulations, and data analysis. This specialization also opens up students’ minds to the potential of Fintech for the future and fosters and entrepreneurial mindset in them, which allows them to improve or develop advanced Fintech products going forward.
From its humble beginnings, Digital Marketing has now taken over completely changed the way firms market their products and services, with companies using digital marketing tools and techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Content development, and Inbound Marketing now more than ever. The Digital Marketing specialization also familiarizes students with the latest tools that firms use to design and develop digital marketing programs.
Operations remains the heartbeat of every organization, and Supply Chain Management, the process of converting raw materials into finished goods and distributing them to wholesalers, retailers, or customers which remains at its core, offers a wide variety of job opportunities in activities such as procurement, warehousing, production, and shipping. Our SCM specialization grounds students in the various concepts related to SCM that lays the foundations for careers in manufacturing or service organizations.

Career Path

Marketing – Sales
Vendor development
Client Relationships
Marker Development
Finance - Research Analyst
Credit Manager
Finance Analyst
Bank Officer

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