Ph.D in Computer Science


The doctoral degree (PhD) in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) aims to prepare students for highly rewarding careers in research and/or teaching. Students focus on fundamental and application research and contribute to society and industry in the selected CSE topic. Students at Anurag University are equipped with strong knowledge and the necessary research skills in CSE to pursue productive careers.

Research Areas

The students are encouraged to pursue research in any one of the following areas in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Faculty members are also engaged in interdisciplinary research with other departments and schools in Anurag University:
  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Distributed Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobile Computing and Networking
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing


For Full-Time PhD scholars - 3 Years

For Part-Time PhD scholars - 4 Years


Admitted candidates are exposed to a wide range of core and elective courses in the selected research area as part of their pre-PhD course work. After acquiring fundamental knowledge in the research area, PhD scholars start pursuing research by writing research proposals and publishing papers with the guidance of supervisors and the departmental research committee.


No of Scholars
No of Supervisors

Faculty Guided Ph.D

S.No Name of the Supervisor & Designation / Date of Recognition Area of Interest & Specialization Date of Joining Ph.D Awarded Month & Year Nuber of scholars currently guiding Number of vacancies
1 Prof .S. Ramachandram,Vice chancellor Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security 03-06-2020 - 1 7
2 Dr V.Vijaya Kumar, Professor, Dean SoE 11/12/2020 Computer Vision, Character recognition, NLP, Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning 12-04-2013 Nov-98 4 4
3 Dr.G. Vishnu Murthy , Professor, Dean CSE 11/12/2020 Computer Vision, Security and Big Data Analytics 01-09-2007 Sep-15 4 4
4 Dr. V V S S Balaram, Professor Cyber Security, Machine learning, Text Mining 23-09-2022 Mar-09 2 6
5 Dr. M. Sridevi, Associate Professor 09/10/2021 Data Mining, Recommender Systems, Neural Networks 01-06-2006 Jun-20 2 4
6 Dr.A.Mallikarjuna Reddy, Associate Professor 11/12/2020 Digital Image Processing, Security, Data Science, Data Bases and Internet of Things 07-06-2012 Mar-19 4 2
7 Dr. G. Bala Krishna, Assistant Professor 09/10/2023 IoT, Machine Learning, Data Science and Cloud 08-06-2012 Aug-21 2 2
8 Dr. M. Shailaja, Assistant Professor 28/10/2022 Image Processing, Machine learning, Data Science 06-05-2016 Jul-21 0 4
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